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Fancy seeing you here. Listen to Black Hole here ⬇⬇️

Joined on 22 November, 2018

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I have an @applemusic essentials playlist !!! 💃🏻🍎

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It was so exciting hearing and performing black hole with a live band for the first time. Didnt realise how much ive missed live music. Till we can do shows again and can be in the room together, heres a live video performance of black hole. 💃🏻🥰OUT NOW

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Surprise!! I’ve added Black Hole to my @applemusic At Home session. Listen to it . Jam to it. Enjoy it . Or not🕳❤️🍎

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Little behind the scenes! Head over to Youtube to watch the whole video. Thank you for all the love on black hole so far x

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TUNE IN! I'm live on @MTVMusicUK

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Swimming in blue dress

Digital cover for @TheForty_Five ❤️❤️❤️

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The legend @birdy joined me on the latest against the clock ⏰ !! Check out full episode on youtube to see us recreate blinding lights 💡

And then check out birdys new song loneliness cus it’s beautiful

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Afternoon! @Shazam Black Hole to unlock a special behind the scenes video 📱🕳

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Quoted @SoundCloud

Today! 8PM GMT - leave questions in the comments of "Black Hole" for an AMA with @wiffygriffy 🕳️

AMA at 8pm on my @SoundCloud page. Come ask me anythingggg

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You asked, I deliver ⏰⏰ #againsttheclock

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#againsttheclock has only gone and got itself a challenge on @tiktok_uk!!😱get involved by uploading a video of yourself doing something in a 1hour timeframe and use ‘Black Hole’ as the sound. I’ll be duetting my faves! ⏰⏰⏰

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Thankyou @claraamfo for making black hole your tune of the week!!!!

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Along side some beautiful ladies for @galdemzine ones to watch ❤️❤️

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Music video out now!!! 🎥
Thank you to everyone involved, but most importantly shoutout to Prince 🐎 the star of the show

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⏰ reminder ⏰ I'll be live on my YouTube channel at 5:45pm TODAY before the premiere of Black Hole official video

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I have made a music vid for black hole - premiere tomorrow 5:45 :))))

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Now Playing Griff - Black Hole @wiffygriffy

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