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Quoted @GregAbbott_TX

I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%.


I also ended the statewide mask mandate.

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Me when I start using Twitter as a diary...

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"It's like we at two places, but different paces
We in trouble, but you won't meet me at the bridge"

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The sun was sunning this morning! 🌞

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I used to think being emotionless was a strength then I met someone who rarely cared about anything and I was like...well this sucks lmfao

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Back in the day when I was pretending to be straight...why did I tell this girl that I sang backgrounds on a Patti Labelle album lmfaooooo! She believed me too hahahaha! I was in 3rd grade!

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So y’all didn’t stand under the water hoping you’d turn into a mermaid...just me...okay

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you REALLY had to be there!

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Replying to @milkstrology: “you got an A-“


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Is it that the guy is boring or are they not stimulating your trauma?

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Serious question...has anyone dated during this pandemic. What was it like?

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“you got an A-“


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People care way too much about stuff that doesn't even concern them...

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I know that BHM is technically over...BUT I'M BLACK 365 DAYS A YEAR! Therefore, check out some of my favorite black owned brands! Featuring... @buttahskin @officialspergo @cloth_and_paper @augustonset @thelipbar @theguiltygrape @thespicesuite and Henry Masks!

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Me choosing violence...

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I need to go back to therapy this week lmao

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It takes time for us to become who we're supposed to be! Be patient.

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This is going to be me when Beyoncé calls me for the first time!

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Replying to @andreoshea: im too talented to be around people who don't care about me

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im too talented to be around people who don't care about me

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