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Loving life and family. I speak my opinion on everything from politics to sports to reality tv. Proud wife and mother of two amazing children. Soccer Mom ⚽️⚽️


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Lisa staaaaaaaappppp. There’s not even any tears #RHOSLCReunion

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Brooks tried so hard to suck up camera time and Meredith is mad that he was drug on social media? Honey, you could’ve said no filming of your kids if you were that concerned 🙄 #RHOSLCReunion

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Can someone pleeease tell Meredith her kids are GROWN. #RHOSLCReunion

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When Monday and the first of the month are the same 😂 #MondayMotivation

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My husband just said ,”Me and these kids would be gone and we would burn all your shit on the way out”😂 #Catfish

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What in the absolute fresh hell was that?? My mom wouldn’t even know I existed anymore! Katy is definitely a better person than me. #catfish

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Republicans calling for unity while calling for the removal of Liz Cheney because she won’t ride with them is comical. #ImpeachmentDay

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In 1994 my home was broken into, robbed and the man that did it later killed another woman. At no point did anyone say let’s heal instead of holding him accountable #ImpeachmentDay

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Why does Ralph Norman sound like he still owns a plantation? Sit down #ImpeachmentDay

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So is Jim Jordan saving time so they can have the last word? 🙄 #ImpeachmentDay

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A bunch of white people scared they’re losing a country they never owned to begin with. #ImpeachmentDay

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Thanks republicans for showing us all how people like Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, etc. were able to get people to do the horrible things they did. #ImpeachmentDay

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These complicit republicans talking are making me angry eat. #ImpeachmentDay

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People of Louisiana, @RepRichmond is a pure gem!! #ImpeachmentDay

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The man preaching unity while wearing a mask that says “this mask is as useless as our governor” wants to be taken seriously 🙄🙄🙄 #ImpeachmentDay

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The fact that these white men are still trying to stop white men from being held accountable for violence and inciting violence is exactly why equality still doesn’t exist in this country #ImpeachmentDay

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Are we seriously giving this traitor time to speak?? GTFOH #ImpeachmentDay

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Hey California, where the hell did you get this guy? #ImpeachmentDay

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So Jim Jordan really didn’t have an argument 😂. He just wanted to hear himself yell and get airtime. WE DON’T LIKE YOU GYM #ImpeachmentDay

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