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Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott will step down at the end of July after 11 years in the job.

End of June**

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And with that, back to break.

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Replying to @NicoleAuerbach: A fascinating read (or re-read) on a night like this, courtesy of @davidubben: On Larry Scott and the would-be Pac-16 s…

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A fascinating read (or re-read) on a night like this, courtesy of @davidubben: On Larry Scott and the would-be Pac-16 superconference:

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And being a college sports outsider, while a strength early on for Scott, ultimately led to the rocky end of his tenure.

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And his attempt to create a Pac-16 spanning from Washington to Texas would have transformed college sports. Heck it was a landmark moment that shifted the landscape of the enterprise.
But he's long-term plays failed to meet short-term needs.

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Larry Scott is not exactly the most popular commissioner these days, but to be fair: The Pac-12 was a Mom n Pop shop compared to the other top conferences when he arrived and he provided a much needed jolt of modernization.

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Official from the Pac-12

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For years when asked about CFP expansion my stock answer was: The playoff will change when the people change.
After Scott leaves, Bob Bowlsby will be the only P5 commissioner still in his job since the CFP launched.

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@SmittySBJ Scott's current deal ends June 2022. The decision for him to exit this June was described as a mutual agreement.
He will stay on to help with his successors transition.

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Can confirm story by @SmittySBJ, Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott will step down at the end of June.

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The Vols pulled me out of what I hoped to be a extended Twitter break.

Will probably pop on again for the NFL playoffs. But otherwise, gonna go read some books and drink some booze.

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Quoted @RIP_JEP

Chris Olave coming back is huge because he’s a great player. It’s also just as big because he’s signaling that whoever plays QB is about to be legit. He doesn’t come back if he doesn’t believe that.

Interesting insight from a smart guy. 👇🏻
A receiver with first round aspirations has to be careful about returning to a situation with a high level of uncertainty at QB.

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Quoted @TomPelissero

Here’s the full memo on changes to the 2021 scouting combine:

To sum up, there is no combine this year.

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Quoted @chrisolave_

One more.

That's pretty huge news for Ohio State, which will be breaking in a new QB.

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I have no idea if the Schiano hire would have worked. But I don't think it would be possible for it to have gone worse than: 3 years later, everybody fired, program facing extensive NCAA issues and a legal battle over multimillion $ buyout from an ill-advised contract extension.

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In the fall of 2017, Tennessee had an experienced AD trying to hire an experienced football coach.
The debacle that followed left UT an first-time AD hiring a first-time head football coach.

3 years later, Tennessee is worse off than it was and looking for exactly what it had.

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This week’s podcast is with ⁦@cbfowler⁩ of ESPN.
We talk about the national championship game, covering this weird season.
And at the end I give my thoughts about playing college football during the worst public health crisis in 100 years.

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