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Tonight's starters for both teams: #iubb

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Armaan Franklin not dressed as expected here at the Breslin Center. Watching warm-ups on bench along with Parker Stewart. #iubb

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Hoosier Hysterics Podcast -- Brian Evans via @HoosierHystrcs #iubb

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Opponent scouting report: Michigan State rematch via @INBBallSource #iubb (prem)

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Gameday: Bubble battle tonight as Indiana travels to Michigan State #iubb

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Ends tomorrow, so jump on this great deal: 50% off and access to Paramount+ (CBS All-Access) #iubb #iufb

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Ends Wednesday --> SALE: 50% off and access to Paramount+ (CBS All-Access): #iubb #iufb

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Indiana on outside looking in right now in latest bracketology #iubb

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Another lesson in humility as Michigan easily dispatches Indiana #iubb (prem)

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Final box as Michigan beats Indiana, 73-57. #iubb now 12-12 and 7-10 in the Big Ten with two games left on schedule.

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Michigan now up 59-42 as IU giving up multiple second chance opportunities on boards. Indiana is just not in a good enough spot as a program to beat the best of the Big Ten this season. #iubb

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Ray of hope for Indiana as the Hoosiers get last four points to get Michigan lead to single digits here at the break. First half box #iubb

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Michigan with the good team late half push, extending lead to 13 with 43 seconds left.

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Michigan been as good as anyone in making Trayce Jackson-Davis go to his off hand, and thus far he's 1-for-6. #iubb

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With a couple made free throws, IU could have been leading a couple minutes ago, instead now looking at a potential seven point deficit. Hoosiers struggling to finish at the basket (again). #iubb

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Today is Jerome Hunter's first start in his Indiana career. #iubb

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Jerome Hunter gets the start in place of Armaan Franklin today. #iubb

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Covid impact on Senior Day for #iubb - Per statement from IU SID-->Indiana basketball Senior Day speeches are being recorded and will be released next week.

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Big parts of Indiana's future backcourt sitting this one out today as Parker Stewart and Armaan Franklin watch there teammates warm up. #iubb

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