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she/her; 29; critical role fan acc; Beauregard Lionett owns my soul #CriticalRole #critter

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Replying to @SeanSYannellArt: POP POP! It’s an Art Nouveau style Beau poster!

#Criticalrole #criticalrolefanart

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POP POP! It’s an Art Nouveau style Beau poster!

#Criticalrole #criticalrolefanart

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She was like, Caleb you told me your deepest darkest secret like a week or two after we met, you think I care about Fjord using a fake accent? Anyway, that was such a good empire kids moment #CriticalRole

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Remember when Beau & Caleb first heard Fjord use his real accent & Caleb thought it was a big deal & was trying to talk to Beau about it & she was just 200% unbothered by it? Lol #CriticalRole

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Quoted @nein_heroz

Early campaign Beau: I’m super comfortable with the fact that punching things is my best asset

Caleb last night: i need your BRAIN in there, Beauregard

😭EMPIRE😭SIBLINGS😭😭😭😭 #criticalrolespoilers

Still thinking about it. Still crying about it 😭 #CriticalRole #criticalrolespoilers

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Quoted @marisharaygun

i just cried actual tears of laughter while watching this

SMACK THOSE GOPHIES IN THE MOUTH! is the best thing I’ve ever heard 🤣🤣🤣

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In light of e128, I’m thinking about Beau’s revelation on Rumblecusp about TM9 all being codependent on each other. Thinking about everyone’s lonely, isolated backstories. What a double-edged sword this bond they’ve all formed is revealing itself to be #criticalrolespoilers

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On a lighter note, these three goobers are alone in the happy fun ball together, can’t wait to see what happens 😆 #criticalrolespoilers

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Y’all, i caught Caleb feelings last night and i don’t know what to do with them 🥺 this man has confused and frustrated me so many times this campaign and now all of a sudden the muddy waters are clear and I’m feeling so many things! #criticalrolespoilers

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Quoted @Wally_Wests

#CriticalRoleSpoilers that was so

so important. So telling.

She was so desperate to stand and fight. to prove herself. Caleb was telling her, you are more than your fists. You are the smartest of us. You've done more with your mind. They need you. They need how you think.

I’m not strong enough to deal with these emotions today y’all 😭😭😭😭 #criticalrolespoilers

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“You’ll be in my heart” just came on shuffle and I’m fully gone, lads 😭😭

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Stayed up late watching critical role, woke up earlier than normal to watch wandavision. I am feeling simply too many emotions for my sleep deprived brain to be able to deal with rn 🙃

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Hey, at least they finally have a good use for that ring of fire protection now! #CriticalRole #criticalrolespoilers

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Quoted @LaTiaJacquise

#CriticalRole I feel like this spell was given to Yussa well beyond twenty years ago, BUT.

It is BEYOND far fetched, but if they end up in Cenokier’s shop, I will literally expire.

👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 #criticalrolespoilers

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Holy shit 😳 least they made it out of there?!?! That was three hours of straight stress let’s not do that again pls #CriticalRole #criticalrolespoilers

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#CriticalRole Hey y’all! I finally caved and made a CR side account bc escapism is my drug of choice lol. Gonna be a lot of art rt’s, live tweeting, and general feels about M9 and the lovely cast. Would love a follow back!

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