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Studios sessions be like...

Brought to you by: Steve 'D.J. Mooch' Mariucci (@SteveMariucci) Michael 'Mike on the Mic' Irvin (@michaelirvin88), and Keats (@keatsdidit)

Engineered by: @lbanks75

#ShowTheWerk #NFL #football #footballseason

Im dying laughing 😂 we were acting the fool n Atlanta @PatchwerkStudio ! I love my coach @SteveMariucci We always do a skit involving what is a well known activity in the Super Bowl City. Minnesota/ ice fishing, Atlanta/studio-rap, Miami/Miami Vice! Any suggestions 4 Tampa?

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Why did @michaelirvin88 just disappear from set? 🤣

We do a 4hour show and I could not hold nature any longer. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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I spoke with my good friend and teammate @EmmittSmith22 on the MIP podcast about the big games and great days we had on Thanksgiving with the @dallascowboys Link in bio!

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Got some fans in the 304 @michaelirvin88 @nflnetwork


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"Maybe this COVID fog that Cam says had him playing poorly... works opposite for Andy Dalton and makes him play BETTER"

It's hard to believe, but @michaelirvin88 is kind of optimistic about the Cowboys again 😂

As I said this morning.

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"It's time for us to put the @Colts in the hunt. And on the NFC side, I think we put the @RamsNFL in there too." @michaelirvin88

This was last week and the @Colts are making their mark now. Great win against @packers today. That’s two big wins in the last two games over good opponents.

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This is what I missed last week when the ⁦@dallascowboys⁩ had a by week. Every time my granddaughter sees the Cowboys on TV she encourages her grandpa. Talk about filling your heart up with #love. Thank you God for this #blessing 🙏🏿

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@NFLGameDay @michaelirvin88 @ChampForIrv @richeisen Rich, please, please, PLEASE stop allowing Michael Irvin to talk. There have been plenty of awful TV NFL talking heads over the years, but he is THE only 1 that actually makes me (and plenty of others) turn the channel. Its UNBEARABLE to hear him make noise...

😂😂😂😂I read your post then I 😂😂😂😂😂some more. Because it’s pretty clear no one wants to listen to you since you only have three followers 😂😂😂😂God bless you buddy 😂😂😂

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Hey @michaelirvin88, Steve wants you to know this is the correct meaning of the word revolutionize 😂 @CutToIt

Thanks for making my point. He is not doing number 3. He is not changing anything completely bro

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Check out today’s episode with my guy @AqibTalib21. We talk about how he would’ve defended against the “Hail HOPKINS”, & his Top 3 WRs & CBs in the @NFL today. I also did his podcast ‘Call to the Booth’! Want to be in my podcast? CALL THE MIP HOTLINE! (213)-290-2514. Link in bio!

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"It's not a Hail Murray, it's a Hail @DeAndreHopkins." @michaelirvin88

It’s not a Hail Murray it’s a Hail Hopkins. A lot of people can make that throw But not many, if any can make that catch like @DeAndreHopkins did!!!!

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Champ and I are at peace today because we know the ⁦@dallascowboys⁩ is on a bye. So that’s a win for us. Right????

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Absolutely hammered in this elevator, I run into these two, congratulate Alex Smith on his new deal and @michaelirvin88 just goes “maaaaaan my man lookin like money over here man”

🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿for a great and safe game for Alex Smith.

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@michaelirvin88 as the judge.........he's used to being the defendant 🤣🤣🤣 #NFLGameDay

My momma always said the truth will set us free 😂😂😂🙏🏿

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@michaelirvin88 watching you on the @NFLonFOX pre game show. Preach that the @dallascowboys are CLOSED! @dfwticket

Just a few Michaels chopping it up. My dude @michaelstrahan and me. #Champions and #HallOfFame

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To all who have served and placed the Welfare of ALL over the welfare of self; We love you, we thank you and we honor you.

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Look at how my beautiful granddaughter Brooklynn is growing. She was looking in my eyes and saying; Papa you can’t lose it because the ⁦@dallascowboys⁩ are losing. You have to keep it together and take care of ME! You better believe Papa will take care of you FOREVEVR🙏🏿❤️

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The Jets came so close... but @michaelirvin88's undefeated streak lives on. 9-0! #DoomDoom🔒

So it’s @steelers and me, the only undefeated left!!!!

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OMG!!!! Did you just see that play @PatrickMahomes and the @Chiefs just ran for a TOUCHDOWN?? Wow Andy Reid is a BEAST!!

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Excited 2 announce THE MICHAEL IRVIN PODCAST! (MIP) Check out my 1st episode w @stephenasmith on Apple Podcasts, PodcastOne & Spotify! This dude always makes me sweat😂!




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