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maisie peters

jh 💖 she/ her


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Replying to @nrecientes: @maisiehpeters all i do is ride on the train, wear blue earphones and lie

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@maisiehpeters all i do is ride on the train, wear blue earphones and lie

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@maisiehpeters i'm mentally unstable

why did this make me laugh i

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Replying to @etherealfreya: @maisiehpeters ...I have anxiety and can‘t drive?

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@maisiehpeters ...I have anxiety and can‘t drive?

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tell me ur a @maisiehpeters fan without telling me ur a maisie peters fan...

omg this is fun let’s play this

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Replying to @_keira_burrell_: I don’t want a boyfriend I want @maisiehpeters to release mp1

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I don’t want a boyfriend I want @maisiehpeters to release mp1

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take the hand and toss the lesson, learning now means letting go

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til someone treats u worse u won’t know better

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this song this video this post chorus @itmecharley is my new fav popstar go listen and thank me later

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how do i send @maisiehpeters a bouquet of daisies whilst living in america
asking for myself

the cutest omg imaginary daisies will do just fine and oh would u look at that they have just arrived they are lovely thank u so much angie 🥰🥰🥰

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Now Playing Maisie Peters - John Hughes Movie @maisiehpeters

john hughes movie rights!!!! @scott_mills has taste thank u 🥳🥳🥳

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@chartdata john Hughes movie @maisiehpeters free rent #1 in my head charts

that’s my favourite chart

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Peddling into the UK's Official Trending Chart this week is @maisiehpeters! John Hughes Movie is a brand new entry 🆕🚲


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jhm is maisie peters’ good girl gone bad era, discuss: (25 marks)

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also @jowhiley played jhm on the radio !!! thank u queen 🥰💖

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omf i meant @grettaray oops!

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@maisiehpeters Will there be a behind the scenes video?!

yes omg and it is so so so good, i’m honestly obsessed w it

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@maisiehpeters was the cheerleader dress u wore custom bestie? <3

we actually ordered it from a riverdale merch website i think hahahha, and then we sewed the MP on hehe

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@maisiehpeters on a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfying was filming that ripping the heart out scene? 😈

so satisfying. when we were shooting it kieron was like make sure u rlly go for it so then everyone on set was laughing at the noise it would make every time i full throttle punched him in the chest tehe

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been waiting three years to say this. john hughes movie out next friday 26th feb. new era baby ♥️

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