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Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert for Congress Account: Congresswoman for CO-03. Owner of Shooter’s Grill. I’m the mom who told Beto HELL NO you’re not taking our guns!

Colorado, USA

Joined on 3 December, 2019

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President Trump gave the GOP a much needed spine transplant in 2016.

Now I’m here giving them glocks on their hips!

The Democrats would do anything to stop me!

Donate today so I can keep the fight up for our God-given rights!

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For the record, Congress has NEVER authorized a war with Syria.

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You never miss what you had until it’s gone.

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Biden is inviting the illegals that Trump deported back into this nation.

We could be housing the homeless, feeding the hungry or helping out underprivileged communities in our own country.

Instead we’re busy hunting for Democrat voters abroad.

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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that government has WAY TOO MUCH power.

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It only took Joe Biden 36 days to bomb a country in the Middle East.

Sadly, given his record, this won’t be his last.

I miss the Trump Peace Era already.

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What is the proper pronoun for the tomahawk missiles that Joe Biden launched at Syrians last night?

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Quoted @JackPosobiec

Kamala Harris was not informed prior to the Syrian bombing and is very upset about being left out of the loop, per WH official

Was Biden informed?

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Xavier Becerra is one of the most radical nominees ever put forth for confirmation.

He has almost no experience in the healthcare field & his ideas on government-funded healthcare are disastrous.

His views on abortion are extreme even for Democrats.

He shouldn’t be confirmed!

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Mr. Potato Head has now been renamed to be gender inclusive.

He’s now just going to be called Potato Head.

When will the activists demand Joe Biden stops use of the “Come On, Man” catchphrase?

For inclusivity’s sake, it should be “Come On, Person!”

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I'm raising my boys to be men, and I'm darn proud of that.

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The “feminists” who run around with pink hats glued to their heads are silent as women’s rights get completely obliterated under the Equality Act.

Where are all the so-called feminists?

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Replying to @RepChipRoy: "This is a government using its power to tell us to bow down to the will of a cultural elite in this town who want to tell…

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"This is a government using its power to tell us to bow down to the will of a cultural elite in this town who want to tell us what we’re supposed to believe. We’re not going to do that."

Rep Roy's full remarks at today's @FreedomCaucus press conference on the Equality Act:

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Nancy gets a subway.

Schumer gets a bridge.

You get $1,400 and lockdowns.

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I went from standing in line for government cheese to standing on the floor of the US Capitol as Congressman. That’s only possible in America.

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The Left and the RINOs call them "common sense" gun laws, I prefer the term unconstitutional.

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A bill that sends 90% of the money to Democrat pet projects and 10% to COVID-19 relief cannot, by definition, be classified as a "COVID Relief Bill".

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More madness from the left. Because of legislation like the "Inequality" Act we will see more skulls of women broken by confused men who claim to be women. Here's what I had to say about that.

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The Democrats are fearful of me because they know their radical agenda won’t get by me.

I’m here to stand in the way of disasters like HR 127 and the likes of it.

Donate to my campaign TODAY so I can keep standing up for our values!

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