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Evidence-based innovation.
Lamelle Research Laboratories focuses on the science behind beautiful skin.

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Get the clear skin you deserve with Clarity. #ClarityClears

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Get visibly clear skin now with Clarity. #ClarityClears

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Manage your acne inside and out with Clarity. #ClarityClears

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Clarity helps increase cell turnover and improve problematic skin. #ClarityClears

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Did you know Clarity is a patented retinoid therapy for acne? #ClarityClears

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Clear breakouts with Clarity. #ClarityClears.

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Looking for a skincare range to clear up your problematic skin? Then look no further than Lamelle's Clarity range. #ClarityClears

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Clarity is a complete home care solution for problematic skin. Ask your skincare professional about Clarity now. #ClarityClears

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Dermaheal address all 3 process of the ageing process, and is perfect for those looking for the best form their skincare range. #Lamelle

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The struggle is real! Get over the struggle now with Clarity. #ClarityClears.

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Did you know that Dermaheal's ingredients unique blend of cytokines and growth factors mimic those found in your skin naturally? #Lamelle

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Treat your acne and your skin at the same time. #ClarityClears

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You don't have to worry about #Monday blues or acne with Clarity. Ask your skincare specialist about Clarity by Lamelle. #ClarityClears

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Get confident clear skin with Clarity. #ClarityClears

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Whether rain or shine, remember to protect yourself against the harmful effects of solar radiation.

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Tired of promises of clear skin and being let down? Well get clear cut results with Clarity. #ClarityClears

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Wake up everyday with renewed confidence thanks to #Dermaheal. With its unique combination cytokines and growth factors to prevent and repair the effects of sun damage and #Inflamageing its the best product for those who want more out of their skin care products.

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Clarity improves inflammatory acne by up to 88%! #lamelle #clarityclears

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Did you know Dermaheal address all 3 process of the causes of ageing? #Inflamageing #Lamelle

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With one month gone, keep your goals clear in your mind. Make 2018 a year of Clarity. #ClarityClears

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