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We’re so thrilled to have @FosterBoyMovie executive producer @shaq talking about the impact of the movie and the importance of the #FixFosterCare movement on @nightline! Tune in below!

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#HappyThanksgiving from all of us on the Jersey Legends team.

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An upcoming project we are #thankful for. Coming 2021!

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Quoted @FosterBoyMovie

While we can't condone speeding, Matthew's heart for the Foster care system started in his "lead-footed" days. Read Matthew's experience growing up with adopted siblings and how his seeing the system from the outside led him to advocate to #FixFosterCare

Great article!

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A once-in-a-lifetime decision forces our hero to deal with the reality of a dream deferred. #HEADNOISE January 2021

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Follow our hero, visually inspired by a young Shaquille O'Neal, on his journey of making difficult life choices to pursue his dreams in the compelling animated short Head Noise - coming January 2021.

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Quoted @FosterBoyMovie

In honor of #NationalAdoptionMonth, that we are hosting a LIVE Q&A on our Facebook page! Join the film’s writer
@deratany, members of the cast, & reform activists, on November 17th at 7pm CST to discuss the movie’s inspiration and the real-life fight to #FixFosterCare.

Don’t miss this special event for #NationalAdoptionMonth!

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The weight of trauma can sometimes be too difficult to bear alone. Jamal takes on the corporation responsible for the abuse he faced in the foster care system in a way unique to his story. Watch this incredible and all too real story play out today on Amazon Prime #FixFosterCare

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In the new series Shaq’s Garage you’ll get a chance to meet the amazing, tricked-out assortment of vehicles that can only be found in Shaq's home. Shaq’s Garage is a fun, accepting space for everyone. #ExperienceOurEntertainment

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First impressions can be deceiving. Jamal in #FosterBoyMovie is a foster care abuse survivor who forms an unlikely bond with a hardened corporate lawyer that is forced to represent him. Watch this moving film on demand now! #FixFosterCare

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5% of lawyers in America are Black. The experiences of Black children in #fostercare are commonly met with bigoted stereotypes & systematic racism by the legal system, making justice even more difficult to reach. @scottyeye role in @FosterBoyMovie that helps fight against that.

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Read the @productionHUB interview about the making of and the powerhouses that produced @FosterBoyMovie, as well as the film's distribution by @gravitasventures. ⤵

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The reviews are in - people are loving @fosterboyofficial ❤️ ! See what our fans have to say ⤵️⁣

Thank you for all the love! #FixFosterCare

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We are so proud of #FosterBoy! Shining a light and bringing a voice to foster children and the foster care system in America.

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Looking back to our Sept 24th Los Angeles Drive-In Premiere day for Jersey Legend Productions' #FosterBoyMovie. With social distancing and public safety measures in place, everyone had a fantastic time seeing this incredible film on the big screen. #FixFosterCare

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Once you see the reality of what foster youth face and the way the system dissuades them from getting justice, you'll want to fight for them too. #FosterBoyMovie is now available in theaters nationwide and on all major streaming platforms. #FixFosterCare

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TOMORROW (9/25) - Catch the Premier of Foster Boy, a thrilling legal drama available in select theaters and VOD.⁣⁣

SHAQUILLE O’NEAL PRESENTS 🎬: A pulse-pounding cinematic legal drama about a corrupt system and redemption from it #FixFosterCare #FosterBoyMovie

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It's officially #Fall 🍂, so get ready for a cozy movie night in with the big release of #FosterBoy coming up September 25th 🎥 

SHAQUILLE O’NEAL PRESENTS 🎬: A pulse-pounding cinematic legal drama about a corrupt system and redemption from it #FixFosterCare #FosterBoyMovie

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Foster youth, especially Black children and kids of color, are not supported. Their trauma isn’t considered real. They’re considered “thugs.” Join us in fighting for these kids and pre-order the #FosterBoyMovie ahead of the 9/25 release! #FixFosterCare

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