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#Badgers Tyler Wahl and Trevor Anderson last season combined to hit 13 of 53 three-pointers (24.5%). Wahl was 6 of 28; Anderson 7 of 25. This season they are a combined 16 of 28 (57.1%). Wahl is 7 of 15; Anderson is 9 of 13.

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#Badgers AM rewind (volleyball): Kelly Sheffield's No. 1-ranked team opens play Friday and if it seems like it has been more than a year since UW hit the court, well, that's because it has been that long.

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#Badgers AM rewind (hoops): UW used balanced scoring, hustle plays and tough defense after halftime to grind down Northwestern.

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#Badgers AM rewind (football): Paul Chryst stayed close to home to hire his new DL coach. Ross Kolodziej, who played DL for UW and has run the strength program under PC, gets the nod.

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Here is the final version of our story on the #Badgers taking down Northwestern.

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#Badgers Tyler Wahl is 5-6 from three-point range in the last four games.

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#Badgers finished with 14 assists on 24 FGs. Six players had assists.

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Paint points for Northwestern: 18 in the first half and 4 in the second half. UW finished with 22 as well.

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Northwestern got a lot of good looks in first half vs. #Badgers and shot 4-11 from deep and 15 of 29 overall. Second half: 3 of 12 from deep and just 6 of 22 overall.

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#Badgers coach Greg Gard talks about freshman G Lorne Bowman re-enrolling in school. Will do things virtually from Detroit. Gard sounded very cautious. Calls it a small step back. Clearly doesn't want to push/rush the kid.

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Done Zooming. The first version of our story on the #Badgers taking down Northwestern.

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#Badgers Aleem Ford didn't shoot well tonight. He is out getting shots up now and getting some pointers from HC Greg Gard.

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#Badgrers are 6-2 in the league and 12-3 overall. Thru 15 games last season they were 2-2 in the league annd 9-6 overall.

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Our story on the #Badgers' victory is filed. Will be Zooming soon.

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#Badgers story filed. Final stats.

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#Badgers get a ton of contributions from up and down the lineup and roll 68-52.

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#Badgers doing what they have sometimes struggled to do -- take complete control. UW lead is 68-50 with 3:44 left. Big shots this half and defense has been tighter.

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#Badgers have drawn three charges on Boo Buie tonight. Anderson just drew one. UW lead is 53-39 with 11:22 left.

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As we approach the start of the 2020 B1G football season, it is time to note the consistency of the #Badgers program over the last 25 years.

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