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dax shepard

Humanist. Comedic actor who is light on both comedy and acting. Alt Centrist


Joined on 18 April, 2009

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Quoted @KristenBell

Games ir our game 🥊 @daxshepard and I are so excited to host NBC's Family Game Fight.

They’re gonna save a bundle if we share a trailer. Consider it!

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Real, real, real talk with @michaeledyson. We had a great splash-around in his immense energy!

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It is with great love, excitement and fanfare that we announce Amy Poehler is on today!!!!!! TGIM!!!! BABERS!!!!!!

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Holy smokes. Chad Sanders @chad_sand is insanely charming and likable. We had so much fun hearing about his life and the power of “Black Magic.”

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Jane Goodall. Fierce, intelligent, compassionate, groundbreaking, intuitive and iconic. She’s a lot of things. But Queen of Queens may sum it up best. @janegoodallinst @rootsandshoots

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Quoted @jennalmcqueen

I cannot recommend this podcast enough, it is crazy good. So insightful, educational and entertaining.

@drwendymogel @daxshepard @ArmchairExpPod #nurturevsnurture

Thank you!! We love it SO much :)

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Viggo Moretensen has long been one of my favorite actors. He’s thoughtful, sincere, compassionate, and masculine AF.

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This was fascinating! @erinmeyerinsead studies cultural differences between countries, and how those differences impact business dealings.

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“Pee Pee gets a Carcass “ is the name of episode 5. The carcass in question is pictured here :) #raceto270

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We’re SOOO excited to launch “Nurture Vs Nurture” with @drwendymogel today. Since our first interview with Wendy, we knew we desperately wanted to do something with her. In each episode we hear real parents struggling with real parenting issues.

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Replying to @HelloBello: Welcoming our Growing Up Awards hosted by @daxshepard. What's the key to mastering it all? Hello Bello Training Pants. Get…

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This is HANDS DOWN the most charmed we’ve ever been. @salmahayek is hysterical, fierce and beautiful. We’d get up at 6am for her any day of the week.

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Welcoming our Growing Up Awards hosted by @daxshepard. What's the key to mastering it all? Hello Bello Training Pants. Get your ⭐️ pupil prepped at , in stores at Walmart and . #HelloBello

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9-1-1 Conspiracies. @davidfarrier did an AMAZING job on this episode. We are so lucky to be in the rack with him. Armchaired and Dangerous!!!!

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It’s Sexy Time! With sex expert Emily Morse @sexwithemily !!! Can’t believe it took us this long :)

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Had a wonderful time talking to @jasonsegel. We bonded over being way too big when we were little.

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To honor the GOAT God and this weekend’s Super Bowl, we are replaying, commercial free, our conversation with @tombrady. His story is truly one of the greatest in all of sports history. #bonus #superbowl

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I get to be one of The Experts today! @robcorddry and @JethroBovingdon and I come together to talk Top Gear America, and the joys of a three-way love :).

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The Race continues in Week 2!!! Lots of twists and turns. Including technical errors and accidental emissions. #Raceto270

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Quoted @JimmyKimmelLive

.@DaxShepard finally got the motorhome of his dreams!

I love you JK. Let’s go rv’ing

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