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I’m working on a new climate investment. It will be a PIPE.

It powers a lot of progress in an area that is very important to me and they partner with some great companies to do it.

One pager will be written and posted. Very excited to talk about it soon.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

Got it done! Announcing tomorrow before market open.


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Mental health and health are the same things.

This is πŸ’―. It took me 40 years to learn it.

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I’m finalizing an investment in β€œ???” and will be leading their PIPE so it will soon be public.

Best SaaS company I’ve ever seen/invested in - and, as a public company, it will comp per the table and chart below.

One-pager to come soon.

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Congrats @JoeBiden

Let’s all wet our beaks in four years of prosperity, fighting climate change and general ass kicking.

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As goes Norway, so will the world...

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mutant strain in SA strongly resistant to past immunity. ~8x reduction in neutralization (which is threshold used for updating flu vaccine). almost a new virus. existing covid vaccines powerful but likely getting less so. need to rapidly scale vax to keep new strain at bay.

Incompetence writ large.

By the time @GavinNewsom figures out vaccines (ie administer the 2M doses that are rotting), it will be too late and we could be fighting a more virulent strain of Covid which will keep businesses and school shut even longer.


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I'm sincerely apologizing to everyone who sends me an email. I get 200+ per day and I can't keep up. Hopefully I can figure it out but in the meantime, i'm trying my best so pls bear with me...

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Unless of course if you love the high taxes, no school for our kids, rotting vaccines and leading the country in homeless veterans.

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It’s happening...

Newsom's COVID-19 briefings often leave more questions than answers, some officials say

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Quoted @GavinNewsom

CA has now administered more vaccines than any other state -- getting 40% of our doses out and in the arms of our healthcare workers and most vulnerable.

Progress -- but we still need to do more. We continue to ramp up our efforts with the goals of speed, equity, and safety.

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Here are some areas of the climate change investing landscape that I am following closely:

1. Materials and Mining - getting the raw inputs we need for battery and electric motor manufacturing

2. Batteries - building new cathode materials and batteries themselves

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7. Recycling - recapture as much of #1 and feed back into #2 with minimal emissions and water

If there are any particular non obvious companies in these areas that you love, please let us all know...

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3. Electrification - using electric alternatives for transport, manufacturing etc.

4. Grid level storage - self explanatory

5. Resiliency - resi solar, potable water, local energy storage etc.

6. Project finance/lending/enablement for all the above

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The killer feature spec for mass market EV adoption:

1. 400 WH/kg
2. Sub 15min fast charge

Is anyone working on new cathode materials and want to talk?

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I shook his hand, wired the money and at 34, became a co-owner of an NBA team. Pretty nuts!

Joe's obviously done an amazing job building the best franchise in sports and I've been extraordinarily lucky to be along for the ride.

It's given me so much joy and happiness.

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At the time, the news was that Larry Ellison was going to buy the team and I didn't think it likely that Joe would win the bid.

But he was confident and says to me: "I have 10% of the team you can buy for $25M if you want to join our bid."

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And it all started because Peter Thiel pushed me to invest more in myself, David Stern deflated my dreams of diversification and Phil Hellmuth was just a good friend who wanted to cheer me up.

Crazy how life works sometimes.

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When $BTC gets to $150k, I will buy The Hamptons and convert it to sleepaway camps for kids, working farms and low-cost housing.

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