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What’s wrong with my sewing?

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Sending Whitney love and wishing her dad the best #RHOSLC

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Quoted @facesbybravo

“I’ve never fucked Randall Emmett. He owes me $5K.” — Dana Wilkey on Clubhouse tonight 💀💀 #RHOBH

And it was me who asked her lol, it had to be done

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We were all saying how good #rhonj was this week- and it was- but this episode of #RHOA was waaaaay better! The editing was superb

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Marlo said the fake Chanel outfit 😂 #RHOA

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While everyone is arguing over Teresa vs Jackie, i just wanna talk about why we give ole dead dick Frank a pass #rhonj

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Replying to @LisaBarlow7: Last place baby ♥️ #RHOSLC

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Last place baby ♥️ #RHOSLC

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Porsha served once again!!!! 😍😍😍👑 #RHOA

She ate em up with this look #rhoa

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Quoted @AmberMarchamp

When your flop binder is only shown once and cut from the other 2 parts of the reunion, so you have to try and make it relevant a month after you've left the show... 🥴 #rhop #bindertimestories

Bless her heart

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Quoted @whitneywildrose

Let's do it!!! 💖 #RHOSLC #NYFW #highfashion

This made me laugh out loud! And i think Meredith has a good enough sense of humor to laugh at it too

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Quoted @queensofbravo

👀 Danni from #SouthernCharm CONFIRMS it was A-Rod who Madison was Facetiming with...

And there it is. I told y’all Madison was bragging all over Charleston that it was Arod. #southerncharm #arod #jlo #getthemjlo #bravo

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Replying to @Porsha4real: Drewwwww this autograph photo yessssss🙌🏾😂😂😂 #Rhoa

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Porsha jumped over that couch like #RHOA

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Quoted @Stingrayomega

Can we replace Latoya with the stunning Falynn?..... #RHOA

Yes please. Latoya and her tired braids can GO

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Drewwwww this autograph photo yessssss🙌🏾😂😂😂 #Rhoa

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How you gonna get fired on your day off #RHOC #friday

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