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Philly native | Staff writer for @TheBadgersWire, covering Wisconsin sports for @USATODAYSports network | Host @3rdAndRunPod & @WSUM W 12-2p..Have a take

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With (hopefully) a full stadium, it has the makings of a winnable conference schedule w/o having to play Indiana or Ohio State

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Looking through the #Badgers' 2021 schedule and really looking like it'll line up well as the season progresses.

Big Games:
HOME: Penn State, Northwestern, Iowa, Michigan
AWAY: Notre Dame (but at Soldier Field), Minnesota

The one true road test will come @ MINN. Rest is @ home

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A win is a win in the Big Ten this season, no matter the opponent.

The 6-2 #Badgers are second in the conference and trail No. 1 Michigan by just one game

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(Wisconsin #Badgers will now be tied for No. 2 in the conference w/Iowa. Each just 1 game behind No. 1 Michigan)

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Indiana is on its way to beating #4 Iowa

This is the Big Ten.

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@benzkenney Actually, its what the Badgers need to do...Fire Chris Haering who provides little value, add his position responsibilities to another coach, and then FINALLY hire an offensive coordinator who can do for the offense what Dave Aranda did for the defense—positive transformation.


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Quoted @AdamSchefter

Eagles are hiring Colts' OC Nick Sirianni as their head coach, sources tell ESPN. Sirianni spent three seasons as a Chiefs' assistant coach, five seasons with the Chargers, and the past three with the Colts. Now the 39-year-old Sirianni becomes the lead man in Philadelphia.


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The #Badgers offense is fairly modern, which is not something you’d hear from a lot of national pundits/broadcasters.

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Lmao Notre Dame got in trouble for this?

The NCAA is a joke.

(And a lot would be solved if there was some form of CFB commissioner/singular leadership figure.)

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Like what...

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Tim Horton named running backs coach, special teams coordinator


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How could you possibly even imagine firing a man that wears a quarter zip like this one

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#Badgers No. 13

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Was traveling all day yesterday, but here's our piece on the #Badgers promoting Ross Kolodziej to defensive line coach

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You’re elected president. What portraits are you hanging in the Oval Office?

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Was driving all day today and saw the bench was emptied upon my arrival.

Guess it was a good night #Badgers

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Quoted @AdamSchefter

Colts’ QB Philip Rivers is retiring from football, he told @sdutKevinAcee.

Hall of Famer.

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Replying to @thebadgerswire: Film room: How Aleem Ford lifted Wisconsin basketball to a first half lead at Rutgers

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Film room: How Aleem Ford lifted Wisconsin basketball to a first half lead at Rutgers

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The current CFP system is broken. As @NicoleAuerbach wrote: "Don’t call it a playoff. Call it what it really is: an invitational."

Here are five ways to fix what has become one of the most broken parts of the sport we all love:

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