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Alicia Garza

HBIC: Black Futures Lab. Host: Lady Don’t Take No podcast. co-creator #BlackLivesMatter. Author: The Purpose Of Power. views mine. IG: @chasinggarza

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Quoted @thehill

Andrew Yang condemns attacks against Asian Americans

I’m old enough to remember when he penned that whole oped last year telling Asians to wear American flags so they don’t get beat up 🙄🤡

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LOVE THIS EPISODE of @lady_take with the great Linda Burnham — join us as we talk across generations about life, politics, aging, and what we can learn about each other to get a little more free #AllOfTheReal #DoWhatchaLike

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Quoted @MsLaToshaBrown

Make sure y’all get your AJC paper today. We took out a full page ad with our partners New Georgia Project Action, Georgia Stand- Up and the Georgia NAACP.

Corporate Georgia has a responsibility to stand with us to defeat these racist and anti- democractic bills.

Well looky here ... look who’s funding all these efforts to keep Black folks from being powerful. 🤔🧐

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Love this piece by @RevDrBarber and @liztheo — we need a $15/hr minimum wage now, and for now, Democrats have the power to do it — so we must do it.

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Quoted @CharleneCac

Just about when I start to enjoy a Fever Tree ginger beer...the thing is gone. I need to write an angry letter to the company.

So true. These little ass bottles ain’t doing nobody no good 😩

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Allowing myself this little tinge of happiness that at the end of this month daylight savings time will have arrived and it won’t feel so much like we are in the apocalypse even tho we are

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Quoted @ratemyskyperoom

Nice shelf design. Strong plant game. Widen shot slightly/light left. 9/10 @aliciagarza

Oooh my first @ratemyskyperoom ! Not bad at all!

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I mean, the way people ask me for shit after trashing me is ... a lot. Just sitting here trying to figure out how old I am today because ...

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This weeks episode of @lady_take is a special one! I chat with @alexttom about the wave of anti-Asian violence, where it comes from and what we can do about it ... we live to give you the range ... #AllOfTheReal #DoWhatchaLike

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Quoted @SybrinaFulton

It has been 9 years since you have gained your wings which seems like yesterday. Your life mattered & so many others!! Rest my Sun/Son & know that you are loved & missed dearly👑 2/5/95~2/26/12

Yes, Trayvon’s life mattered 💕

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Quoted @SnowfallFX

It's war. #SnowfallFX premieres TONIGHT at 10PM on FX. Next Day #FXonHulu.


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I’m gonna say it and some of yall gon be mad but 🤷🏾‍♀️ we are about to have vaccine apartheid. Rich white folks crossing state lines to get the vaccine while communities are left behind.

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Quoted @Russian_Starr

NEW: I spoke with BLM co-founder @aliciagarza and Asian-American activist Shaw San Liu about the racist attacks against Asians and how we can support each other. We had a real convo about solidarity, anti-blackness and white supremacy.

Full episode:

Loved talking with you @Russian_Starr ! Thanks so much for having us on! Take a listen...

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In appointing CA's next AG, @GavinNewsom will make a BIG decision about the direction of our criminal justice system. @RobBonta, who has passed major reforms, would be a partner in creating a more just system. He will have every Californian’s back.

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Quoted @JessLivMo

Friends, can we discuss weekend work boundaries? Am I the only one who feels like people have just obliterated the idea of the “work week”? This feels especially discordant when “progressives” talk constantly about pressure around pandemic productivity/mental health right now.

Yes— if I don’t hold my own boundaries no one else will. Redefine urgent. I find myself saying just get it out of the way so you can go back to relaxing and then lo and behold my whole weekend is gone. Boundaries are your shield. Discipline, your weapon.

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Quoted @jennydeluxe

it seems like more and more people in my inner and outer circles are giving up alcohol these days

Yup — am in the last week of Sober February and everyday I ask myself — self, what the fuck are you doing and WHY are you doing this? And then I drink my bubbly water and bitters and go on about my evening

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Quoted @kenyonfarrow

About a year ago I was telling friends and family when asked to brace for 250,000 deaths due to COVID-19. My guesstimate was higher than a lot of official predictions of mortality but it was beyond my comprehension we’d hit 500,000 deaths. And counting.

Same same — I was asked to write a forward for a book at the beginning of the pandemic. The editor sent it back and said take out all the parts about the pandemic we need this to be evergreen ... whew I was like sis...what exactly do you think is happening here 🧐

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The price of social media is that you’re subjected to every random unformed thought from those who in real life you previously thought were smart. I’m sure I’m included in this but lord Jesus — perhaps we’d all benefit from a pre-post button that says Really?

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#sundays are made for reading excellent books like this one from my sister @hmcghee #TheSumOfUs

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