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We’re shaping the promise of our democracy through voter registration and participation. Because #WhenWeAllVote, we can change the world.

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Here's everything you need to know about the Georgia Runoffs 👇

Don’t forget the registration deadline is Monday, December 7th! 🗓

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The deadline to register for the January 5th runoff elections is in 6 DAYS!

Get #RegisteredAndReady to make your voice heard at the ballot box →

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THREAD (5/5): We witnessed the highest voter turnout in over 💯 years, with young people and people of color deciding many races.

We're proud to be a part of history—and we’re just getting started. Help us power our movement beyond this election →

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THREAD (4/5): With the help of thousands of hardworking volunteers, we sent over 15 million text messages to 7.3 million eligible voters.

That’s millions of people who may not have considered voting, but did.

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THREAD (3/5): When We All Vote engaged and educated over 💯 million people about the voting process and encouraged them to make their voice heard.

That’s almost ⅓ (!) of the United States population.

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THREAD (2/5): This election season, When We All Vote helped over 512,000 people start or complete their voter registration, focusing on underrepresented communities like young people and people of color.

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THREAD (1/5): When we all vote, we can make history.

Here’s how When We All Vote helped make sure more Americans voted than ever before. 👇

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Changing the culture around voting doesn’t stop after one election.

If you’re able to, chip in to help power our movement this #GivingTuesday to get voters ready to make their voices heard in every election →

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Early and absentee voter turnout in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community increased by over *300* percent from the the 2016 election.

As one of the fastest growing electorates, AAPI voters are mobilizing, voting, and deciding elections. ✨

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Let’s find ways to cause #GoodTrouble every day.

Our communities and our democracy are counting on it. ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾

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🍑 GEORGIA: Let’s make history at the ballot box →

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Young Georgia voters have the power to determine the balance of the U.S. Senate in the January 5th runoff election. 🍑

Join organizers with the @NewGAProject and @GeorgiaShift and be a part of history →

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Not a single soul:


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Georgia, it’s a beautiful day to request your ballot for the runoff elections. Link in our bio to get it done! ✉️☀️

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You call it sliding into strangers’ DMs, we call it relational organizing. 👀❄️

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Georgia voters will have the chance to vote for TWO U.S. Senators who will represent their interest on:

🍑 Climate Change
🍑 Racial Justice
🍑 Healthcare Access
🍑 And More!

Make your voice heard on the issues YOU care about in the Georgia runoffs. 👇

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During this challenging year, our essential workers have stepped up and risked their lives to keep our country running.

We will never stop supporting our frontline workers. 💪

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Voting accessibility should be a priority in *every* state, local, and federal election.


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2020 has been an unprecedented and challenging year for all of us.

During this holiday season, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

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Young people and people of color decided this election.

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