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Bill Westrate

Enterprise President and CEO-Elect of American Family Insurance (@AmFam). #OneAmFam #iWork4AmFam

Madison, WI

Joined on 28 July, 2012

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Time and time again throughout 2020, @AmFam's people stepped up to take care of our customers, communities and each other. Their stories, hard work and constant innovation are behind the results we announced today at our annual meeting. #iWork4AmFam

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Our @AmFamInstitute partnership with @VillageCapital is the latest example of @AmFam's work to close equity gaps—this time in the #JusticeTech space. Thanks to @nyralj for her leadership on this work. #iWork4AmFam

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Congrats to our @ATLUTD partners on your fifth season! We'll be wearing the new 5-Stripes BLVCK Kits with pride. #UniteAndConquer | @AmFam

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Our Free to Dream work continues! @AmFam is partnering with @ULGM to support entrepreneurs of color in Madison's developing South Side hub. Thanks to @nyralj and the @AmFamInstitute team for their leadership on this project. #iWork4AmFam

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Quoted @Adweek

Cheesy ads have been the hallmark of @TheGeneralAuto for years, but they were hurting the insurance company's perception. Now it's time for something new.

That’s right, @TheGeneralAuto provides quality coverage and service and they’ve been doing it for more than 60 years! Love the new ads for this member of the @AmFam family.

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We’ve worked throughout our history to strengthen communities and improve lives, but at @AmFam, we're far from done. With Free to Dream, we can accomplish even more by strengthening our commitment and increasing our impact! #iWork4AmFam

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We're once again extending premium relief through May 2021 for new and existing auto customers. Thanks to @AmFam employees and agency owners for adapting in this time to do what they do best: inspire, protect and restore our customers' dreams! #iWork4AmFam

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Thrilled @AmFam has officially joined forces with @Bold_Penguin -- closing our deal today. We're ready to work together to provide new options for our agency owners and small business customers who turn to them for trusted advice. #BeBold | #iWork4AmFam

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This is a great time of year for basketball and only gets better with @AmFam's @HighSchoolSlam & 3-Point Championships. Make sure to check out the #DreamFearlessly Fan Vote, open now through March 18. Good luck to these future hoops stars! #iWork4AmFam

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Our @AmFam mission to inspire, protect and restore dreams comes to life through creativity and outstanding leadership from our Marketing team. Great to see @Rina36 featured in this article.

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Looking good Milwaukee! Love the new lights from I-94. Great teamwork between @AmFam and ⁦@Brewers⁩ coming to life!

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Thanks to @SPGMarketIntel for the chance to share more about @AmFam's newest operating company, @Bold_Penguin. This is a terrific opportunity to better serve and create more value for our agency owners and customers. #iWork4AmFam

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Quoted @WISCTV_News3

“This is a topic that touches me personally as a Black woman in this community and raising a Black son. So all of this is very meaningful and all very personal because so many of us have dealt with discrimination and racial inequity in so many ways.”

Thanks @nyralj for your passion for this project!

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Volunteering is a huge part of @AmFam's culture. Thanks to @danbeltran09, @jray286, @amalynnrob and Charles Holt for your work as youth mentors! Here's a great story about how they got started. #iWork4AmFam

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Replying to @AmFamJack: Deserves a retweet, for sure!!!
Best Homeowners Insurance Companies 2021 – Forbes Advisor

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Deserves a retweet, for sure!!!
Best Homeowners Insurance Companies 2021 – Forbes Advisor

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I'm thrilled to welcome @bold_penguin to the @AmFam Enterprise! The addition of their talented and innovative team will help our small business customers, agency owners, and industry partners. #iwork4amfam | #insurtech #BeBold

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Congrats to @BlackWomanHeal Lilida Gee for this well-deserved recognition of her work to support Black women and girls in our community! (@alexgeejr - you must be proud!)
via @madisondotcom

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Replying to @AmFamJack: AmFamField, coming in a few hours! 2021 seems like a gr8 year for a championship! #ThisIsMyCrew | #AmFaMKE | #HappyNewYear

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AmFamField, coming in a few hours! 2021 seems like a gr8 year for a championship! #ThisIsMyCrew | #AmFaMKE | #HappyNewYear

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Our people stand up and take action to help others. Proud of @AmFam's Brittney Dequaine for her generosity and leadership to help students in the Oconto community! #iWork4AmFam

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