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Why is America's energy grid failing? It’s under threat from climate change, hackers, and even rogue squirrels.

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TONIGHT: NBA Hall of Famer @KevinGarnett5KG is here!

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Full story on how Black folks aren’t getting equitable access to COVID vaccines:

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So what does being a “strong Black woman” actually mean? And who can help move @dulcesloan’s couch?

Here’s why this positive stereotype has a lot of negative implications.

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Conservatives seeing the Mr. Potato Head story

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Quoted @washingtonpost

A Capitol rioter texted his ex during the insurrection to call her a "moron," feds say. She turned him in.

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Replying to @sxsw: Join @TheDailyShow's News Team @jordanklepper, @michaelkosta, @DesiLydic, @dulcesloan, and @roywoodjr in conversation with @NPR’s…

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Join @TheDailyShow's News Team @jordanklepper, @michaelkosta, @DesiLydic, @dulcesloan, and @roywoodjr in conversation with @NPR’s @Deggans at #SXSW Online.

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.@CPAC Day 1 schedule looks wild

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The NYPD has a robot dog?! What a cool way for the police to say they have too much money and should be defunded.

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Replying to @Trevornoah: It’s Music’s biggest night, but let’s not downplay that it’s also mine. It’s Music’s and Trevor’s biggest night. March 14th…

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It’s been one year since this Larry Kudlow whoopsie-daisy!

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It’s Music’s biggest night, but let’s not downplay that it’s also mine. It’s Music’s and Trevor’s biggest night. March 14th. The @RecordingAcad Grammys on @CBS! Who’s watching?

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Quoted @thehill

Tucker Carlson bashes CNN, claims it's "more destructive" than QAnon

Well, CNN's "Crossfire" was a breeding ground for at least one notorious white supremacist

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Quoted @KenDilanianNBC

New public report to blame Saudi crown prince for 2018 killing of Jamal Khashoggi

(Agatha All Along voice) It’s been MBS all along

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One year ago today, Kayleigh McEnany made a really bad COVID prediction, but what's really special is how she also made a bad terrorism prediction in the same sentence

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Trevor highlights racial inequity in vaccine distribution, @dulcesloan examines the stereotype of the strong Black woman, and @AndraDayMusic discusses "The United States Vs. Billie Holiday."

Listen and subscribe on @ApplePodcasts:

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Full interview with @AndraDayMusic:

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Why are fewer Black Americans getting vaccinated than white Americans? And how is @roywoodjr trying to help?

If you don’t know, now you know.

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TONIGHT: @AndraDayMusic is here to talk about the legacy of Billie Holiday and playing the iconic singer in “The United States vs. Billie Holiday.”

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Big news: The Daily Show will soon be streaming on #ParamountPlus! You want even more Trevor? So greedy. He's also got a new series coming exclusively to P+!

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