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Avtomat Kalashnikova -47 as a marriage gift. It happens only in Pakistan. #TerrorHubPakistan

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Protest outside Pak embassy in Tokyo, #Japan on 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorAttack anniversary.

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Former Jammu & Kashmir Minister & Congress leader Taj Mohiuddin has been booked by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with alleged multi-crore Roshni land scam.(ANI) #RoshniLandScam

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#MumbaiTerrorAttack : Pakistan ki dehshatgardi nahi chalegi / Hindustan Zindabad slogans raised in Kashmir where youth of #Kashmir united to remember brutal terror attacks of Pakistani terrorists in Mumbai on 26 November 2008. #26Nov_KillersRoamFree

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It has taken us more than 70 years to give the power back to those who put food on our plates. Let’s not let anguished middlemen & hoarders take that away from our farmers. #ModiWithFarmers

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India lambasted Islamabad for presenting a "dossier of lies" against New Delhi at the United Nations, saying "concocting documents and peddling false narratives" is not new to Pakistan, which hosts the worlds largest number of UN proscribed terrorists.

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strong message to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan from bold Israeli .@HananyaNaftali on his stand on existence of Israel, which is funny in itself. #TerrorHubPakistan is in no position to decide existence/non-existence of any Nation but they stick their head under a rock.

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Young Children and elderly could not survive even though they succeeded to somehow escape from these tribesmen. They were continuously walking and so tired that few couldn't carry their children and some left their elderly parents. Some died of Starvation. #MirpurMassacre 6/6

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Tribesmen from Pakistan were so brutal that they would make people stand in a queue and then keep their heads on a rock and slaughter them one by one. When a civilian said," Shoot me instead of cutting my head off", tribesman said "I won't waste 2 cent bullet for you infedil" 5/6

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Men, Women and Children were checked again and again for what they are carrying in their pockets by Pakistanis. They beat, humiliate and kill anyone who they wanted to which led to psychological illness and ultimately deaths of many people. 4/6

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Out of 25000 Hindus a measly 2000 managed to escape alive to Jammu accompanied by State Troops. Around 5000 women were abducted by the tribal invaders. A large number of women committed suicide by jumping into the river. . 3/6

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The Mirpur massacre is considered as the worst massacres of modern Indian history. More than 18000 Hindus & 25000 Sikhs were butchered by Pakistan Tribals in present Pakistan Occupied Mirpur. #MirpurMassacre 2/6

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#Video_Thread: Complete story of #MirpurMassacre in words of a real victim who saw heinous crimes of Pakistani tribesmen backed by Pakistan Army with their own eyes. This was one of the most brutal genocide of modern human history which can never be forgotten. 1/6

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10 Pakistani terrorists killed 164 people of 16 nationalities apart from Indians. More than 10 locations including railway station, hospital, coffee shop, a Jewish outreach center and Taj Mahal Hotel targeted to get maximum kill. #26Nov_KillersRoamFree

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Quoted @State_SCA

On the 12th anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai attack, the U.S reaffirms its commitment to holding the perpetrators accountable and ensuring justice for the victims, including six Americans. Standing alongside our Indian partners, we remain resolute in the fight against terrorism.

#MumbaiTerrorAttack: Most valuable lives were lost in this deadly attacks planned and executed by #TerrorHubPakistan, more than 170 innocent lives lost and hundreds more still ongoing loss of a loved one. Perpetrators should be brought to Justice. #26Nov_KillersRoamFree

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The real culprits of #26november attacks, Mumbai, in 2008 are still alive and living luxurious life under shelter of Pakistan Army and ISI. The real perpetrators should be brought down to Justice just like a terrorist should be. #26Nov_KillersRoamFree

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We people of Bharat bow down to the honour and sacrifice of brave officers of Armed forces who laid their lives for safeguarding Mumbai from #MumbaiTerrorAttack on 26th November 2008. They not just protected their people but also killed the enemies. #26Nov_KillersRoamFree

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On Wednesday, #26november 2008, terrorists from Pakistan entered the finance capital of India, Mumbai. They mercilessly shot innocent children, women and men. That time is still a nightmare for people who witnessed it but in Pakistan #26Nov_KillersRoamFree. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

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India United Against Terror Banners in various parts of Kashmir giving a strong message that Kashmir stands united against global terrorism and terrorist activities of #TerrorHubPakistan. Whole Bharat along with the world will never forget the brutal #MumbaiTerrorAttack on 26.11

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The Jammu and Kashmir administration has started upgrading the Govt upgrading education infrastructure in South Kashmir under the World Bank funded project at the government degree college at Bijbehara, Anantnag in South Kashmir. The project is being funded by the World Bank.

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