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Country singer Brooke Eden comes out and celebrates life with her girlfriend in the joyful "Sunroof" video

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Feds are looking at communications between insurrectionists and lawmakers

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Dolly Parton, Elton John, Brian Wilson, and other classic rockers are all getting the vaccine. Could they tour soon?

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DJ Snake and Selena Gomez have teamed up for "Selfish Love," their second collaboration after 'Taki Taki.'

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Lil Baby has dropped the video for his new track "Real As It Gets," the Atlanta rapper’s first new music of 2021.

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HBO Max has dropped the teaser trailer for 'Made for Love,' a dark comedy heading to the streaming service in April.

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Watch Phil Collins perform the Mike and the Mechanics hit "All I Need Is a Miracle" with Eric Clapton at a 1989 charity show.

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Joe Biden's Syria Strike: America's forever wars keep grinding along.

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If the U.S. gets vaccinated by the summer, concerts can take place again — but here’s why major shows are still unlikely to resume before 2022. 

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With its sitcom tributes and once-a-week episodes, 'WandaVision' is a streaming-era reminder of how to do TV right. Alan Sepinwall on Marvel's small-screen superhero success story.

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Charli XCX and the 1975 have teamed up with No Rome for a new song, "Spinning."

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After the pandemic hit, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Olivia Kaplan gave up her day jobs and went all-in on music. Now she's an Artist You Need to Know.

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"While I'm here and living and breathing, I want to make as much music as I possibly can." Bryson Tiller tells us how he unlocked his classic sound for 'Anniversary,' and why his hiatus is over for good. 

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PJ Harvey has teased her upcoming 'Uh Huh Her - Demos' LP with a raw rendition of "Shame."

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One party is racing to fix an ailing electoral system. The other is doing everything in its power to shut voters out of it.

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Black Sabbath talk starting over with new singer Ronnie James Dio on 1980's 'Heaven and Hell' and share a previously unreleased live version of the title track.

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Jamila Woods shares why Betty Davis is her biggest icon and influence.

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Suzy Shinn had to fight to be respected in the studio. Now, she's known as one of modern rock's savviest engineers — and she's producing Weezer's next album.

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The Definitive Oral History of 'Soul Glo': The writers of 'Coming to America,' star Eriq La Salle, composer Nile Rodgers, superfan Questlove, and more take us inside the creation of the most iconic fake ad in cinematic history.

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