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Get Triple Rewards in both Deadline and King of the Hill this week in GTA Online.

Plus Black Friday sales, Double Rewards on Open Wheel Races and much more:

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Naturalists and hunters of all stripes combed the wilds this summer in the Naturalist Photo Challenge, with six chosen photos being added to the next Red Dead Online update.

See the selections that were chosen from over 10,000 submissions:

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Coming to Red Dead Online next week, new criminals to track down and Prestigious level equipment and skills to unlock across 10 more Bounty Hunter ranks.

Plus new Legendary Bounties and a 100 Rank Outlaw Pass.

 5,740  551  615  Download

Get Red Dead Online as a Standalone Game on December 1st.

New players who do not already own Red Dead Redemption 2 can experience everything Red Dead Online has to offer, including access to all future content updates.

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Help Jessica LeClerk and Horley in their quest for frontier justice and get rewarded with double XP for all A Land of Opportunities missions this week in Red Dead Online.

Plus increased RDO$ and XP for Posses, 2X XP on Bounty Hunter missions, and more:

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Replying to @GamesRadar: We spoke to @RockstarGames to learn more about the evolution of Red Dead Online and why the studio has been constantly surp…

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We spoke to @RockstarGames to learn more about the evolution of Red Dead Online and why the studio has been constantly surprised by the community that has grown around it.

 1,769  156  146

Prepare to infiltrate the remote island compound of the world’s most notorious drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto Online’s biggest, most daring, and action-packed addition yet: The Cayo Perico Heist.

 48,026  3,143  8,168  Download

Quoted @RockstarGames

The Heist Challenge

If the community can collectively steal GTA$100 Billion across all GTA Online Heist Finales between now and November 18th, we’ll reward everybody with a special new vehicle, free of charge for a limited time this December.


Congratulations to the incredible GTA Online community for obliterating the GTA$100 Billion challenge last week, taking GTA Online Heist Finales down to the tune of over GTA$1 TRILLION. Stay tuned for details on your rewards.

 12,485  572  929

Strip away the mega-ramps, giant loops and stunt tubes, and let skill take center stage. Get back to basics this week and earn Triple Rewards in all GTA Online Land Races through November 25th.

 4,706  234  304  Download

Incredible to see the community smashing the Heist Challenge so far this week! Keep it up today to unlock the special new vehicle for everyone this December, and also earn an additional bonus:

 7,199  528  521  Download

Replying to @RKGvideo: Turns out Powers CAN land on his horse jumping from a saloon.

We also talk about some serious stuff too with @lucyjamesgames

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GTA Online Player Job Spotlight:

In the dystopian vision of Apocalypse created by @Voltyc_YT, nature has reclaimed the streets of Los Santos and survival has degenerated into a dog-eat-dog bloodbath on Xbox One:

 4,928  258  286  Download

Fan Art: Artist Michele Pede does it again.

This time, the talented sculptor recreated Arthur Morgan at the helm of a Maxim gun amidst a hail of gunfire:

 3,629  113  217  Download

Turns out Powers CAN land on his horse jumping from a saloon.

We also talk about some serious stuff too with @lucyjamesgames in this week’s episode of Games Are Good for You.


 1,260  27  70  Download

The Red Dead Online Halloween Pass is being extended until November 30th.

Don’t miss out, before spine-chilling rewards such as the Zavala Machete cross over into the stuff of myths and stories told ‘round the campfire in the dead of night.

 2,877  351  230  Download

Anybody who plays GTA Online at any point between now and November 18 will receive a special bonus infusion of GTA$1,000,000.

Come back between November 19 - 25 to claim your GTA$1M, just in time to give your finances a nice boost before the holidays.

 8,923  658  844  Download

All players who take part in this week’s Heist Challenge will receive an additional bonus this December as a special badge of honor for their efforts.

 3,963  131  206

Bonuses for Collectors and Bounty Hunters alike in Red Dead Online, including free Collectibles, Offers and Rewards, and more.


 3,932  316  274  Download


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