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While an exact release date is still unclear, the platform is making an appearance at a Perfect World gaming convention in Shanghai this weekend, which it announced via its official account on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo last December.

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The shorts examine a range of under-explored #LGBTQ themes: transgender rights in an authoritarian state, queer female love & intersectional identity. All are available on Montage - enjoy a special 20% discount by entering the code “RADIIChina”.

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When Balenciaga got into the TOO COOL ( #土酷) movement of Chinese subcultures, people suspected they'd co-opted the style of Butterfly Minmin, the queen of sexy earthy vintage looks.

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“Every frame is powerful. The extraordinary in the ordinary. There’s a lot to say, but everything is summed in one phrase as described in the film: stay strong.” #Wuhan

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McDonalds is under fire in China over its take on the #roujiamo... but because customers are opening up their "Chinese burgers" and asking "WHERE'S THE PORK?"

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Fireworks artist #CaiGuoQiang is displaying his first ever virtual reality showcase at #Beijing's Palace Museum to commemorate the Forbidden City's 600th birthday. 🎂

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McDonald's making a "Chinese burger" seems like an obvious localization step. But the brand's roujiamo has not gone down well.

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Do we smell an Oscar contender?

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#Angelababy can't seem to escape the rumors and drama of last decade.

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Will you be copping @Apple's #Airpods or @Nike's new #AirJordans this CNY?

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#Kuaishou has been around far longer than #Douyin, but will it continue to stand the test of time? Let us know what you think.

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Among the city's booming 1.389 billion citizens, #introverts quietly battle social anxiety, but their story is slowly coming to light.

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Check out our predictions for the blockbusters and "little fresh meat" (hint: #WangYiBo is a hot contender) that will takevChina by storm this year.

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Is Li ZiQi misappropriating #kimchi? Korean and Chinese netizens are arguing over where the beloved fermented food really comes from.

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Creepy guy following you home? Whip out your #PurCotton makeup wipes and use your bare face as your first line of defense! At least, that's how their new ad thinks it works.

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We're tired of ripped men in their mid-20s playing teens (cough #Riverdale). 41-year-old Zhang ZiYi takes this to a new level by playing a 16-year-old in this new drama. #UnrealisticBodyExpectations 😔

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Is a multicultural, multilingual pop group on the horizon? New contest #GirlsPlanet999 sets out to find the hottest new talents across Japan, Korea and China.

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#ZhangZiyi hitting different in 2021

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Introducing , a fast & intuitive way to deep dive into big topics coming out of modern China.

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