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For our property market, 2020 was a year where improvement occurred significantly in the second half. But how does the Perth property market fare against the nation’s other capital cities as we move into 2021? πŸ“

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The last thing you want to be doing as a seller in a buyer's market, is turning them off your property. Here are ten things that could be scaring off prospective buyers. πŸ‘€

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With limited rental properties available in Perth, make sure to read these top tips from REIWA President Damian Collins on making your rental application stand out. πŸ‘€

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Most agents agree the best way to sell a property quickly, for the best price, is to maximise its exposure to the broadest possible market. Find out why home opens are valuable. πŸšͺ

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The latest episode of Talking Property features REIWA President Damian Collins and Glen O’Brien from the Salt Property Group. Listen here:

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The kitchen is often the heart of the home, it's where families come together. So where do you start if the β€˜heart’ of your home is in need of some TLC and an upgrade? πŸ› 

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In the lead up to the WA Election, REIWA is calling on all candidates to commit to policy reforms that deliver a fair, sustainable and prosperous property market. Find out more on what this might mean for you. πŸ“’

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Sales activity increased 10 per cent in Perth last week, with REIWA members reporting 763 transactions. Learn more in our weekly Market Snapshot: πŸ“‰

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Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent, or renovate, Instagram can provide you with a special insight into properties which you may not have considered before. πŸ“±

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December has traditionally been known as one of the slower months to sell your property, however, in 2020 things were a little different. Find out which were the top performing suburbs during the month. πŸ“ˆ

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With sales increasing and low interest rates, you may be looking to buy. Before you get started it's important that you educate yourself and understand how the home purchase process works. 🏑

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Do you have plans this year to design or build your own bathroom and need some inspo? Or maybe you are moving to a new house but a trendy bathroom is a must? πŸ›

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Relief is here for those property owners who helped tenants out whilst they were struggling financially due to the COVID 19 pandemic by agreeing to reduce, defer or waive rent during the emergency period 🏑

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The latest episode of Talking Property includes special guests Paul Donovan and Helen Burnside from MDS Legal and Brendan Leahy from Naked Edge Real Estate. Listen here: 🎧

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Sales activity increased 201 per cent in Perth last week, with REIWA members reporting 699 transactions. Learn more in our weekly Market Snapshot: πŸ“ˆ

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One of the trickiest things to establish when putting your home up for sale is its estimated market value. Find out what features are important to home buyers. 🏑

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Whether you are a seller or buyer, is it time to jump online and start following your local agent? Here are the benefits Instagram can have to your real estate journey. πŸ“±

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Here are five tips for finding the right real estate agent for you that's local to your area. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

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Over the last 10 years the trend in teens and young adults staying at home longer than usual has become a social norm - so why are millennials choosing to stay at home longer? πŸ‘©πŸ§’

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