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Ding Dong. The Witch is Dead.

Alyssa | 16 | Biracial | Aro Bi N.B. Demigirl | She/He/They/Don't Care | Loves: Art, Satire, Cartoons, Monsters | #ActuallyAutistic | #BlackLivesMatter

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Though I will admit that posting art made by someone you blocked is kinda messed up... 😐

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With the recent My Singing Monsters drama happening, I’m happy that I‘ve barely engaged with their fan base. I don’t have the time or patience for their drama. 😔

I just wanna gush over a game about cute musical monsters. Why is the fanbase so toxic? 😩😩😩

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Quoted @UnfunnyMp4

Why does this kinda fit? 😂

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Replying to @DlGITALLOVE: i think the internet's definition of 'nonbinary' is very white

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Quoted @dreamwastaken

just killed a child, feeling good

This is the man you’re stanning. 😂

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I bought some cool-looking felt tip pens while going back-to-school shopping (in February), and I wanted to try them out. I started drawing these yesterday, and I filled this out today. :3 Needless to say, I’m a fan of these pens. :D

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I’m not Latina, so correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t “Latinx“ a slur? Even if it isn’t, I still hate that word, and I’ll never use it. -_-

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Mom, Twitch is being transphobic! 😩

But seriously. Womxn isn’t a fucking word. Don’t use that transphobic garbage.

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i think the internet's definition of 'nonbinary' is very white

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Did James Corden’s homophobic performance in The Prom and Sia’s ableist movie Music win the Golden Globes? If so, I’ll be very pissed. 😡

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Also his content is definitely not kid-friendly. :3c

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While I was at my cousins’ place, I discovered this vlogger named Danny Duncan, and... his videos consist of him acting like an idiot, causing destruction, and receiving cop call threats, so I’m interested. :3 I don’t find him funny, but he’s interesting. XD

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Some concept art for my new character Hu Am-I?’s new home that I drew about two days ago. :) I wanted to experiment with a rough and gritty look, and I think it came out alright. :3

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I just started watching Breaking Bad for the first time, and it is very good. 💖

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Tomorrow I’m going to in-person school for the first time in about 4 months. I’m so excited. 😃

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Replying to @RedRangerChris: Me when Amber Heard gets fired from #Aquaman2:

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Also it would be nice if someone would enlighten me about the Gabbie Hanna situation because I’ve literally never heard of her until today, and I’m too lazy and tired to research it. XD (Nobody’s obligated to, of course. :3)

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First off, who’s Gabbie Hanna? Second, why are people making a big deal about tone indicators again? As an autistic person, I don’t think tone indicator jokes should be a serious problem that would cause a lot of drama. There are more important things to discuss. :\

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Me when Amber Heard gets fired from #Aquaman2:

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Sorry for my disappearance. I got a worded because I protested a little too much. :3 I’m back, and I’ll be sure to limit the amount of tweets I post.

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