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And new first-time #PWS community champion with 130 points...



Thanks to everyone that played along tonight, we will be back Saturday for Impact Sacrifice.

Reminder makes/takes was not scored in women's tag due to competitor change.

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#PWSResults - Big Money Match

Page wins by pin
Aerials: Over
Near falls: 6
Interference: Yes

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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We are still unable to get the replay of the Hardy/Page match through BR Live. At this point we will be updating the match and posting the final scorecards results early tomorrow.

We sincerely apologize for the delay.

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BR Live isn't allowing a replay yet and the live feed that is still up won't go back that far, so the final results for Hardy/Page will be delayed until that's up. Sorry we lost our stream during that match.

Unless someone happened to get the counts when tracking at home...?

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Really enjoyed #AEWRevolution, minus that last explosion part. We're assuming that was a malfunction and not the plan.

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#PWSResults - Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch

Winner: Omega
Explosion: 6
First to bleed: Moxley
First in wire: Moxley
Chair shots: 1
Ambulance: No

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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We will have final results out as soon as we finish a re-watch of Hardy/Page.

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That was really well done. My favorite cinematic match so far.

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#PWSResults - Street Fight

Sting pins Starks
Over 20: No
Bat: Under
Weapon types: 15

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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The #PWS prediction scorecard for #IMPACTonAXSTV #Sacrifice will open on March 11 at 11a PST. Join the PWS community making predictions for this #IMPACTPlus event. #PlayPWS

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#PWSResults - Face of the Revolution

Winner: Sky
First to climb: Unannounced
First to touch: Sky
Last to touch: Cody
Aerials: 11
Moves from ladder: Yes

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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We lost stream and will have to update near falls and aerials after the event.

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#PWSResults - Big Money Match

Page wins by pin
Near falls:
Interference: Yes

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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Has anyone been tracking near falls and aerials to this point? We lost our stream for a couple minutes.

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#PWSResults - Miro & Sabian vs Best Friends

Miro submits Taylor
Hug: No
Aerials: 6

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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We hope everyone is having fun playing along with #PWS for #AEWRevolution. If so, please consider donating on #Patreon to help Pro Wrestling Scorecards continue development of our current system and upcoming app.

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#PWSResults - Women's World Championship

Shida wins by pin
Match time: 15
Near falls: 10

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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#PWSResults - Casino Tag Team Royale

Winner: Death Triangle
First elim: Angels (5)
First team elim: Sydals
Third: P&P
Last in: DO 3/4
Last team elim: Unlisted
Last elim: Unannounced
Longest: Nightmares
Lone: Yes

#AEW #Revolution #AEWrestling

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