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46th President of the United States, husband to @FLOTUS, proud dad & pop. Tweets may be archived:

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Thank you to @SpeakerPelosi for your leadership and everyone in the House who supported the American Rescue Plan. Now, the bill heads to the Senate and there’s no time to waste. If we act quickly and decisively, we can finally get ahead of this virus and get our economy moving.

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This morning, I’m speaking about the American Rescue Plan. Tune in.

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Because of the selfless dedication of nurses like Erica — and countless other folks across the country — we’re going to beat this virus. I called to thank her and discuss what we can do to help.

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Replying to @WhiteHouse: Tune in as the President, First Lady, Vice President, and Second Gentleman host a White House Black History Month Celebrati…

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Tune in as the President, First Lady, Vice President, and Second Gentleman host a White House Black History Month Celebration.

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This week, our Administration opened a new vaccination site at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Tune in as I visit the site and deliver remarks.

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If there is one message that needs to cut through it’s this: the vaccines are safe and effective.

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The week before I took office, 6 million COVID-19 vaccine shots were administered.

This coming week, our Administration will likely administer over 12 million shots.

That’s double the pace in just six weeks.

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COVID-19 vaccinations are up and cases and hospitalizations are down, but let me be clear: now is not the time to relax.

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Transgender rights are human rights — and the House made that clear today by passing the Equality Act.

Now it's time for the Senate to do the same.

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Quoted @SecGranholm

It’s the honor of my life to serve as Secretary of @Energy. America's future is bright, and it will be powered by clean energy union jobs right here at home.

I launched a whole-of-government initiative to tackle the climate crisis during my first weeks in office — and as the Secretary of Energy, @SecGranholm will play a crucial role. I look forward to working with her to create good-paying, union jobs and build a clean energy economy.

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This afternoon, we’re reaching a big milestone: 50 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered since I took office. Tune in as we mark our progress and chart the path forward.

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I believe every American deserves the peace of mind that comes with quality, affordable health care. That’s why we opened a special health insurance enrollment period to ensure everyone can get covered. Head to to find the plan that works best for you.

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I am pleased that the House will vote next week on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. I encourage the House to pass it. Following Senate consideration, I hope to be able to sign into law a landmark police reform bill.

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Yesterday, I met with a bipartisan group of House and Senate members to discuss U.S. supply chains and then took executive action to strengthen them. The American people should never face shortages when it comes to the goods and services they rely on.

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Quoted @SecVilsack

40+ years as a public servant and I’m finally sending my first tweet! Honored to serve our nation once again alongside USDA’s dedicated public servants.

I’ve known Secretary Vilsack for years, and there’s no doubt the USDA is in good hands with him at the helm once again. I look forward to working with him to support America’s farmers, tackle hunger and climate change, and rebuild our rural economies.

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Wearing a mask is one of the most important things we can do to protect others and change the course of this pandemic. That’s why over the next few weeks, we’re delivering over 25 million masks to community health centers, food pantries, and soup kitchens across the country.

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Just over a month ago, America had no real plan to vaccinate most of the country. That changed the moment we took office.

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This afternoon, I’m signing an executive order to create more resilient and secure supply chains for critical and essential goods. Tune in.

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Quoted @USAmbUN

I am honored, and beyond humbled, to have been sworn in today by @VP Kamala Harris as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Diplomacy is back. Multilateralism is back. America is back.

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield is right: Diplomacy is back and it’s at the center of our foreign policy. I look forward to working with her to rebuild our alliances, take on global challenges, and restore America’s leadership on the world stage.

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