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Student, musician, #Feminist #ProChoice #EmpoweringWomen #Equality for all, Eating disorder survivor, Proud Jew #Democrat

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I love NASA, I love astronomy and I love all sciences. But, who ever decided to refer the moon as “the moon” is so unoriginal. The universe is filled with moons and planets. All which have beautiful names. Yet we can’t be creative when naming our own moon. #beautiful #astronomy

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Our zodiac signs are just not compatible. #OddReasonsToDumpSomeone

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There should be a list for mask most wanted. For those who improperly wear their mask or don’t wear one and think they can do what ever they want. (I get there are people who medically cannot, but there is no excuse for those who can). #COVID19 #WearAMask #retweet

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I’m ashamed to live in this state. Massachusetts is an embarrassment. A state where someone under 75 can only get the vaccine if they accompany someone who is 75 to get the vaccine. Good luck getting a job anywhere Massachusetts. #CovidVaccine Baker must go. #Retweet

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So now that trumps been acquitted, people are actually saying? #Trump2024. Just because he wasn’t found guilty by our corrupt government does not mean he isn’t guilty in the eyes of the people. Move on already. Focus on what matters. As Nancy pelosi would do: don’t give a shit.

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As a woman, a child from the foster care system and a woman who has overcome so many obstacles in my life that I want to share my story. I want to share my story to speak out for those who are struggling to find their voice. #adoptme #SpeakingOut #retweet

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Club Penguin was the best game! Who remembers games like woozworld (which is still active and I may or may not play on my phone) and Fantage? #retweet if you remember

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The republicans are a disgrace to this country. They put peoples lives at risk. Why are we evening questioning if certain people are guilty? What needs to happen for things to change? I’m disappointed in the legal system, the government, the constitution. #TrumpIsGuilty #retweet

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Trump really believes he is untouchable. He is not. He is vindictive, a sadist, narcissistic, petty, vengeful, arrogant, a bully. He caused January 6th. He committed a crime and he needs to be convicted. He is not above the law. No one is. #TrumpIsGuilty #ConvictTrump

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Here is some #WednesdayWisdom So gorilla glue girl thinks she could win a law suit against a company that never said they were a hairstyling company to begin with. Any one with their head screwed on straight would know not to put glue on their hair. 🤣

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Me when I see “stabbed” is trending and seeing that people are talking about so many different things. It’s like me doing math and just seeing so many numbers. What is happening? It makes no sense. #retweet if you agree

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#BadValentinesDayDates breaking up on Valentine’s Day (happened to me)

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This is so unbelievable. How Is baker not getting criticism for how he’s handling this? We are number 48 in the country for vaccine roll out. That is just sad. #TuesdayFeeling #retweet

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#FakeTheBigGameFacts Tom Brady is really Aaron Rodgers in disguise 🥸

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Holy Crap it’s official. I’m screaming. @nbcsvu Stabler and Benson reunion here we come. #LawAndOrderSVU I can’t believe you are making us wait this long though. #OrganizedCrime

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#IfIHad200MillionDollars id give have to charity and split the rest and give it to my family.

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