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Filming another podcast tonight! I feel like this one is gonna be a long one. #cubanmafia family hard core #trumpsupport #ConspiracyTheories just everything you shouldn’t talk about but that’s what I like to do. Talk about what you shouldn’t. #podcast

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420 followers 💨 #420

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You are amazing just how you are. ❤️ #bae

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Master MintZ Real Talk with @whatsthemovepodcast ! World Renowned Speaker!

Good vs. Evil Debate! #podcast

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How many producers are there in the world?! 🤯

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Good Vs. Evil Podcast release tmrw! Friday’s at 8pm! Master MintZ has a Real Talk with a World Renowned Christian Speaker. #podcast #religion #goodgirls #badgirls #goodvsevil

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Sometimes you just got to be like F it and just realize it’s all fun and games. No hard feelings. Life’s just easier that way.

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I started asking myself. What can I keep giving without anything in return? Well this is my gift to give to the world bc the motivation comes from within.

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Is it possible to willingly hurt someone you love?

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Realization- 16 What hurts me so much is when someone you love is suffering and you can’t do anything about it. Now I get why my mom always wanted her kids to be happy. It’s bc she feels for us and loves us too much. I guess she don’t love dad tho.. That makes a lot of sense.

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Signed another one ☝️ I feel like Khalid right now #Producers #recordlabel

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This Video series may take a bit longer than I thought but honestly it’s going to be my most successful yet. I can tell.

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Working on getting to the point where others people reactions don’t set me off. Idk if it’s hard Bc I want them to be happy and I get disappointed/frustrated when they’re not or it’s something else. Whatcha think?

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I can’t begin to tell you the level of my happiness and content with life on a daily basis when I am free to create my art. #podcast #music #videos Just a few more things and literally living my dream dream life. 🤯

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Realization 15 - I understand what a funk is now and quarantine definitely put a lot of people in it. I’m Climbing out and holding my hand out to pull you with me if ya need it.

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I’m rooting for you to win.

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Maybe it’s just corona but I feel like my daily’s isn’t enough time collaborating with other artist and making fire content. I’m pumped I just got my new Mac and ready to Create! Corona be gone and let’s get it on!!!

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“Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes Power.” - Joker

I won’t settle for anything less than to not only be willing to die for each other but to live for each other.

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So I’ve been craving a hot fudge Sunday from McDonald’s and I went there. The door was open for me twice and car stopped for me to cross. My mind was blown on how hospitable everyone was! 🤯 Maybe I’ve haven’t been noticing this stuff Bc I’ve been to stressed? Bc I’m Chillen now

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I had a reoccurring dream that a happened multiple times in this location with this girl. However this time she asked me to do heroine. We were in my home town & there were a bunch of stand up tents. 🤔 Anyone have these kinda dreams? What does it mean? I woke up b4 any action🤣

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