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Ethiopia to Sweden to Harlem. Always #chasingflavors.


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Happy birthday to the incredible @MichelleObama! It was the honor of a lifetime to be the Guest Chef for the first State Dinner of the Obama administration.

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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, @RoosterHarlem, @RoosterOvertown and Marcus at NoHu Rooftop are all serving up special prixe-fixe menus on Monday. Celebrate Black excellence with these incredible dishes created by our immensely talented culinary team.

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Thank you @ReginaKing for providing us with a film that not only honors our heroes, but shows them as complicated, beautiful, and human. #OneNightInMiami #Overtown

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I love taking advantage of a long weekend to try out more complicated, time-consuming recipes - and there's a bunch to choose from in The Rise. For those of you who have a copy, let me know what you're planning on making. And if not, click to get set up:

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Thanks for the @RoosterOvertown shout-out, @Forbes and @JQLouise!

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Sharing meals is a great way to share culture, build relationships, and break down barriers. For Louisiana native @LindaT_G, it's a form of diplomacy. Learn more about her story — and check out her fantastic gumbo recipe here!

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Throwing it all the way back to 2006 with this cooking demo I did on Contemporary Pan-African Cuisine for @Star_Chefs. #TBT

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Had so much fun joining @JeffMauro on #KitchenCrash! The chefs made some seriously gravity-defying dishes – catch the episode tonight at 10pm on @foodnetwork.

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Looking forward to serving warm meals to touring professionals in need tomorrow @RoosterHarlem, as part of the @InitiativeLee x @touringpros alliance. Get more info:

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Loved all the questions last week re: your new kitchen gear from the holidays! Belinda Howell requested a recipe that uses a ravioli press & I have the perfect dish for you. These Ayib & Sweet Potato Ravioli from The Rise are delicious & easy to make!

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I'm ALL BUSINESS for the #Chopped Grudge Match! It's a battle of judges and I'm up against @amandafreitag, @santoscooks and @tiffanifaison. Wish me luck and tune in tonight at 9pm on @FoodNetwork!

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One of the bright young stars from @RoosterHarlem is @ChefTianaGee. She's an ambitious chef who happens to be the inspiration behind a dish from #TheRiseIsHere! You can watch her make Chicken and Shrimp Tamarind Broth with Rice Noodles here: #wecookwerise

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Just look at the incredible dishes coming out of @roosterovertown. You're making me proud, Chef Tristen! #wecookwerise

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The Josephine Baker cocktail pairs beautifully with take-out from your favorite neighborhood spot. Click link below for recipe - and support your local restaurants!

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Be sure to listen to our trans-Atlantic discussion of the storming of Capitol Hill on #ThisMomentPod as @jasontimbuktu and I discuss the chaos and the aftermath. Click link to listen:

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Melkam Genna! For Ethiopian Christmas we'll be feasting on some of our favorite dishes including Zaza's Doro Wat Rigatoni. Make a big batch of chicken stew & then you can serve the leftovers with Injera for another delicious meal option. Recipes can be found in The Rise.

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11 years... Happy anniversary, @MayaMayahaile!

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The first time I met the late legendary Black restaurateur and civil rights activist Leah Chase, she told me, “Whatever you do, aim high. Keep pushing. Keep teaching.” I aimed to do that with The Rise and hope I made her proud. #happybirthday #restinpower #wecookwerise

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In our latest episode, @jasontimbuktu and I talk about how #ThisMomentPodcast has evolved since we started back in April. We also recap some of our favorite conversations with guests on the show. If you've just joined us, this is a great way to catch up!

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