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A terrible case has been brought to my attention and I need your help.  Without it, on December 12th Brandon Bernard is going to be executed for a crime he participated in as a teenager.

Hey guys Brandon’s case is even more urgent, he’s actually scheduled to be executed on December 10th not the 12th

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Juror JF speaking out on Brandon’s Case

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Juror GM speaking out on Brandon’s Case

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Op-ed: I helped put Brandon Bernard on federal death row. I now think he should live.

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He has now been on death row for 20+ years with zero disciplinary write ups. He uses his time to reach out to at-risk youth, advising them to not stray from the Lord's path (or not follow in his teenage footsteps).

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For more info about the case & to let President Trump know that you think Brandon's death sentence is unjust, please visit & add your name to the letter asking that Brandon's death sentence is commuted to life imprisonment #HelpSaveBrandon

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Recently the prosecutor herself- the person who helped put Brandon on death row- has also come forward and
asked that his life be spared since he was the least culpable of the five teens involved.

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or how his homeless father had left him searching for protection in the streets.

His trial attorney also failed to tell the jury how remorseful he was or anything about his background.  We now know this testimony would have spared his life.

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In fact, two jurors who  have since stated that had they learned about Brandon's background or how at just a few months past 18 his brain was still developing, they would NOT have voted for the death penalty.

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Although all five teens were black, 11 of the 12 jurors were white.  This, coupled with the misleading and incomplete information the jury was given, deprived the boys of a fair trial.

Instead of being executed, Brandon could live out his sentence in prison.

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While Brandon did participate in this crime, his role was minor compared to that of the other teens involved, two of whom are home from prison now.

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First, I want to say that a terrible crime was committed and me fighting for a stay of execution does not take away from the sympathy I have for the victim's Todd and Stacie Bagley, and their families.  My heart breaks for everyone involved.

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In fact, Brandon was not a part of the initial carjacking that took place and was stunned when the robbery turned into a homicide with one of the other teens shooting both Todd and Stacie in the head.

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At trial Brandon's attorney fell short by not hiring any experts who could have explained to the jury why Brandon decided to leave the video game store that night or how he had grown up in an abusive home,

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The gunman then turned to Brandon, gun still in hand, and told him to light the car Todd and Stacie lay in on fire to destroy the evidence.  Brandon believed both were dead, though Stacie was not, and was fearful for his own life, so he made the terrible decision to comply.

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2020 as a photo 😂

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Pack a backpack with toys, school and art supplies, personal care items, clothing and accessories, a personal note, and more, and gift it to a child displaced by the war in Artsakh. The backpacks will be distributed to students at Project Hope centers. @HiddenRoadIn

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Initiated by UCLA and UC Berkeley HRI chapters, "Holiday Backpacks for Artsakh," aims to bring holiday cheer to the children displaced by the war in Artsakh. @HiddenRoadIn

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