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Quoted @heidinicoleeee

@KamieCrawford omg i’m the same way. i had to make big purchases for my literal business last week and i felt so guilty for it.

You’ll make it back x10000 we are manifesting that!!!✨✨✨🕯🕯🕯 had to tell myself the same thing lol

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Quoted @stuffamandasays

I did this last week and my mom called me a weirdo

😂😂😂 my mom was actually very encouraging. But I think in general parents have a habit of being like “what do you need a break from? I do XYZ!!! I have more on my plate than you!” But they don’t realize how that invalidates our feelings and emotions. So I say - TREAT YOSELF!!!

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Quoted @KamieCrawford

Just booked a weekend staycation & spa day for myself, by myself and I’ve never been more excited to go have room service in a hotel bed down the street from my house 😂🧖🏽‍♀️🙏🏽

I did this last week and my mom called me a weirdo

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It took me literally 5+ hours to convince myself that I deserved to treat myself to something that I actually need because I hate spending money 🙄 But it’s going to be so worth it and I’m going to leave feeling amazing and refreshed and ready to get to the BAGGGG!

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Why are gym clothes so expensive????

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Quoted @ellenjellymcrae

Amen Kamie!! I needed that today. Permission to stop work and binge Catfish now?!

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Quoted @simonefiii this a fucking French toast waffle pancake?

I want it now.

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Quoted @jduffyrice

did the palace investigate prince andrew for allegedly raping multiple underage girls or are they too busy with this bullying thing

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Quoted @luv4em27

@KamieCrawford Was working myself to death til 2 days ago. Had 2 jobs... One paying well and the other paying shit. The shit one I had been at for 7 years. I quit Monday. That was my something good 😌✌🏻

I support this 🙌🏽 and I’m glad you’re happier!!!

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Quoted @adeleashley_

@KamieCrawford I'm a little concerned by the fact people are equating doing something good for yourself to spending money...... watch TV, read a book, go for a walk, meditate, call a friend.

Self-care doesn't have to have a price tag associated with it

Ding ding ding. Doing something good for yourself doesn’t mean buy yourself a Ferrari. Literally lighting a candle is doing something good for yourself. Drinking a glass of water. Washing your hair. Baby, have a glass of wineeeeeee!

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Quoted @CrysEmmi

@KamieCrawford No I got bills to pay

I didn’t say quit your job lol doing something good for yourself could be a relaxing bath. Doesn’t have to be monetary.

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Quoted @I_Luv_Thinkers

@KamieCrawford That trains' never late.

Tuh. Forreal.

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When Diana called attention to the abuse she faced by the Royals and the media - she was called crazy. Unstable. Unfit.

When Meghan stands up for herself against it - she’s a bully. So she “must’ve deserved it.”

Cool cool cool cool cool.

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Quoted @thetimes

Exclusive: Royal aides have hit back at the Duchess of Sussex before her television interview with Oprah Winfrey, revealing that she faced a bullying complaint made by one of her closest advisers during her time at Kensington Palace.

Ahhh the good old “Black women are angry bullies” trope after Meghan calls you out on trying to destroy her and her family and finally stands up for herself. We know we’ll see it. Never fails.

Y’all are so predictable it’s sad.

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Quoted @meghanrienks

every once and a while I deep dive into wedding venues & wedding planning stuff (no I’m not engaged) and I literally cannot FATHOM paying tens of thousands of dollars on a party

Why are we the same person? The other day I had a full blown panic attack thinking about the number of people in my future bridal party and had anxiety about how emotional I’ll be in front of all these people when I walk down the aisle and how much I hate that for me 😂😂😂

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Y’all: FiX tHe ClOcK oN yOuR oVeN!!!!



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