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Batuu Visa Status: Pending ( @GreekHeat ) Twitter Profile


Batuu Visa Status: Pending

(He/Him) Here be my hieroglyphs: 💍, 🌈, 🎙, 🎮, 🗡.Struggling through Writer’s Block at irregular intervals. WDW/Star Wars/Marvel gay.

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Post an image of yourself as a romanceable NPC without downloading new pics

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Post an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics

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I still have yet to fully chat about Light of the Jedi and it shows...

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I’m so hilariously behind on my High Republic reading. I’ve yet to crack Into the Dark but that’s been due to trying to finish Black Spire in preparation for a return trip to Batuu...since that didn’t happen...

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In case y’all thought I forgot about or was done with the Kiramager you are mistaken.

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Head is empty from traveling which means I might just be able to write a few more chapters this week. I’ve been recharged by the three suns of Batuu and have some laser swords to write about.

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Like the amount of violence my DNA chose was monumental. “Let’s make this one gay and attracted to thicc orc-types that hang out in the woods but despite all odds, he’ll be stuck in an awkward not hairy but not quite sheer stage above the waist. You know, so he stays humble.”

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I take it as a personal attack that despite my Greek heritage I’m entirely too smooth...genetics really came for me and said “Think again”

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Anybody willing to trade? I have a second Chirrut Imwe and would be willing to trade for anything else I don’t have. #StarWars #GalaxysEdge #WaltDisneyWorld #HollywoodStudios #Batuu

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I want a day where more than 50% of guests on Batuu are DisneyBound and there to play with the residents. Like a huge LARP would be an amazing ticketed event.

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My only real hope for any relative growth in Star Wars Twitter is to meet some awesome people at Celebration when it returns since it’d be my first time.

Also to garner enough pull to get a preview of the Halcyon 😏

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Replying to @EvilCleverDog: @sailorsctaustin White men need to get over Batman

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@sailorsctaustin White men need to get over Batman

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Quoted @jimsbomb

Which MCU character has your energy?

Here's mine.

Which MCU character has your energy?

Here’s mine.

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Much Den. Such Antiquities.

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Quoted @EwanDaily

Ewan is really out there giving us the gun show. 😵

Thanks to Tony Horton on Instagram 📸

I guess the lightsaber isn’t a Jedi’s ONLY weapon...

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I just found out about Kiramager and I am OBSESSED! It’s campy and gay and Crystal-based sentai and I need it localized....NOW

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Quoted @DCComics

You get 4 DC characters to pull off the ultimate heist. Who are you picking? 👀

-- Dick for the acrobatics and the smooth talking
-- Midnighter for the perfect plan/contingency
-- King Shark for the muscle
-- John for the Snark(tm) and quick escape

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