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@SHAQ PRESENTS: A pulse-pounding cinematic legal drama about a corrupt system and redemption from it. #FixFosterCare #FosterBoyMovie

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Executive Producer Shaquille O'Neal speaks to the disconnect between what we may view as the reality of the foster care system and the truth. Watch his interview with ABC News on how we must begin to #FixFosterCare @Nightline @ABC @SHAQ #FosterBoyMovie

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The ongoing pandemic is affecting foster youth in more ways than one. Concern over abuse, suspended visitations, and closed family courts, the gap has widened with virtual learning. Listen to their stories: #FixFosterCare #FosterBoyMoview @Nightline @ABC

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Mackenzie Fierceton is just another example of how inspiring our youth is, despite odds she faced in the foster system. This year's Rhodes Scholar, she will pursue her Masters at Oxford to study the impacts of the foster system on youth. #FixFosterCare

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Quoted @Nightline

TONIGHT ON @Nightline: @SHAQ on "Foster Boy" - the new film he executive produced - and why we need to know about the foster care system.

Tonight on @Nightline, executive producer @SHAQ talks about #FosterBoyMovie and why we need to #FixFosterCare!

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A 2005 Harvard study showed that foster youth were twice as likely to get PTSD than some veterans returning from Iraq. There must be change to the system. Watch the new film #FosterBoyMovie to learn about the system following National Adoption Day. #FixFosterCare @FosterBoyMovie

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The holidays are typically spent with family, for 1,200 children in Sarasota, Florida, their holiday season was made a little brighter by the Children’s Guardian Fund and others who teamed up to provide holiday baskets to families and youth. #FixFosterCare

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Foster Boy presses viewers' morality, judgment and empathy. Foster youth are frequently viewed through stereotypes, and it costs them valuable support and access to resources. Join the fight for Jamal and so many others today and stream #FosterBoyMovie and #FixFosterCare today

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Replying to @SeeItEndIt: 🎫 Register NOW - November 17-22, 2020 - VIRTUAL See it, End it. Film & Arts Festival


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While we can't condone speeding, Matthew's heart for the Foster care system started in his "lead-footed" days. Read Matthew's experience growing up with adopted siblings and how his seeing the system from the outside led him to advocate to #FixFosterCare

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Jay Paul Deratany spoke with Film Daily recently about #FosterBoyMovie and how the reality over 500,000 children in the American foster care system face inspired him to fight the injustices in this system and become an advocate. Read his interview here:

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Join us now!!!
@deratany @EvanHandler @MsCollinsSci @ShanePaulMcGhie @MichaelEDyson @FirstStar

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We are LIVE now on Facebook!!! Join us!!

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We're excited to have all these wonderful panelists join us tonight for our live Q&A for #NationalAdoptionAwarenessMonth! Be sure to join us on Facebook Live at 5pm PST/8pm EST for a terrific discussion about how we can #FixFosterCare! @MsCollinsSci @MichaelEDyson

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For our Q&A tomorrow, we are placing a spotlight on the real stories of foster youth that can speak firsthand to their experience & the change so desperately needed in the foster system. Join us live to hear former foster youth Boston Taylor: @MsCollinsSci

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Tuesday! Join #FosterBoyMovie cast and crew along with foster care experts and a youth advocate for a live discussion moderated by the distinguished Dr. @MichaelEDyson. Join us on Facebook Live:
@Mr_Max_Adler @jerseylegendstv @ChildLink @workhousepr

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In honor of #NationalAdoptionMonth, that we are hosting a LIVE Q&A on our Facebook page! Join the film’s writer
@deratany, members of the cast, & reform activists, on November 17th at 7pm CST to discuss the movie’s inspiration and the real-life fight to #FixFosterCare.

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🎫 Register NOW - November 17-22, 2020 - VIRTUAL See it, End it. Film & Arts Festival

#seeitendit #seeitenditfilmfestival #humantrafficking #humantraffickingawareness #humantraffickingprevention #filmfestival #festival

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On Veteran's Day 2020, #FosterBoyMovie honors over 17 million individuals across our country who have dedicated themselves to serving and protecting. Their service reminds us of the sacrifice these heroes make across the world and at home. #VeteransDay

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#FosterBoyMovie is honored to be a featured film at the FREE See It End It Film Festival working on the effort to stop human trafficking. This is an incredible cause and the virtual festival experience is free for everyone! Register to join the festival:

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Today, on World Orphans Day, the Foster Boy movie and The Stars Foundation are shining a spotlight on the stories of 457,000+ Foster Children in the US alone. Visit to learn how you can support these remarkable children.  #WorldOrphansDay #FixFosterCare

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