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The Touristin: City to Bush. Content creator. Cultural purist. Immigrant in London & Melbourne. Now Berlin. Host #TravelChatSA. Travel tips ⬇️


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Very much looking forward to exploring this incredible book of art, design, poetry and all round talent from The Art School for The Homeless!

Brilliant project!

Maybe have a look @Fearnecotton @MrNickKnowles


#BookofHomelessness #NeverMoreNeeded

Order the #BookofHomelessness. People affected by homelessness tell us their story through collages, illustrations, comics, poems and prose.

by @Accumulate_Ldn #readingcommunity

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@DoroLef @Winelands @travelopulent The best live safaris are those on the @WildEarth YouTube channel, live for a couple of hours twice a day. Also on DSTV, Channel 183 at 06h30 and 15h30 every day. I'm a total 183 addict!

Please watch if you would love to go on virtual safari. #travelchatsa

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A selection of #toptitles in 2020 that really stayed with us

Which has been your favourite read of the year?

Read. #ArmchairTravels to get you through winter :-) #BooksToRead

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@DoroLef @CharlesMcCool @ChatsGiving @JetsettersFlyin @nokidhungry @WCKitchen @JeanetteJoy @travelingmkter @TravelBugsWorld @GoodLifeWithIQ @RickGriffin @SashaEats @FunInFairfax @eatlivestay @StevenOnTheMove @Nicolette_O @EthicalHedMag @sl2016_sl @GoSocialSA @MomsWanderlust @LindaPeters64 Here's the donate link:
Thank you, Dorothée! 💚💜💚

Please visit the website :-) #givingtuesday

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BONUS Q5 Shout out to an art gallery and local artist that you love. via @TravelChatSA

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A4 South Africa is so diverse. I spoke to so many different people with all sorts of backgrounds in so many different places. It is interesting to see that each individual sees a totally different scenario for the future of South Africa. That would be my exhibit. #TravelChatSA

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Q4 Imagine you could host an exhibition – what art would you show us and why? Share a picture via @traveltonia

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A3 Robben Island to learn about Apartheid. The ferry ride is also a stunning experience. #TravelChatSA

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A3 Slave Lodge, the second oldest existing colonial structure of the Cape Colony, to learn about the impact slavery has on people's lives. Also, Zeitz Mocaa (it is awesome). #TravelChatSA

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Q3 Tell us about the museum in South Africa, no matter the reason, be it because of its fascinating collection or great storytelling that everyone must see at least once #TravelChatSA

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A2 The opening exhibit at @ZeitzMOCAA All Things being Equal. Visitors were asked ‘How will I be represented in the museum?’ Great experience, so inspiring. #TravelChatSA

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Q2 Which museums in #SouthAfrica that you’ve visited have had the greatest impact on you personally and tell us why. Share a picture via @winelands #TravelChatSA

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A1 This is an interesting UNESCO report to check out. Museums Around the World in the Face of COVID-19 #TravelChatSA

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A1 Museums all over the world remain closed in December. Many offer virutal tours #TravelChatSA

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A1 I visit museums and galleries whenever I can. Right now is probably not the best time to do just that. I can imagine many feel the same. #TravelChatSA

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Q1 Facing challenge: How Museums and Art Galleries are responding in COVID-19 times? Give examples and share pictures via @TravelOpulent

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A6 Embrace change. Be kind and open-minded. Customers won’t buy from arrogant and ignorant companies. #semrushchat

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#JustReleased: A new @oceanpanel commissioned report, setting out a new #ocean narrative. 🌊🐠🦪

The report illustrates how a #SustainableOceanEconomy "can create a healthy ocean that provides solutions to global challenges".

📘 Read now: .


So true. This: The ocean plays an essential role in the daily lives of all of the planet’s inhabitants.

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Meet us in 23 mins. Everyone is Welcome to Share 😍 #TravelChatSA

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Travel. This is the truth and nothing else. Read where on my travels I felt threatened.

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