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Monster Energy Drone Pilot🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏳️‍🌈

That guy with the dog. "Comedian". Lolbertarian. Youtuber. Free-Speech advocate. E-Scot. Salt farmer. Go away gubmint. Owner of the worlds largest micropenis.

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Leftists stop retweeting this calling me "based" or calling it a "redemption arc" when it's an opinion I've held for years.

Stop acting like I like trans people, I only like trans people when I'm horny.

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Imagine being trans and fighting your whole life to be considered a full woman and they instead change it to womxn to point out that you are still trans lmao.

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Man, this killed my buzz harder than the ATF killed those women and children.

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Quoted @ATFHQ

We remember the fallen agents: Special Agent Conway LeBleu, Special Agent Todd McKeehan, Special Agent Robert Williams, and Special Agent Steven Willis who made the ultimate sacrifice while trying to execute a search warrant. Learn more:

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I miss live comedy.

Not even just doing shows, but even just being there.

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Stop trying to start another fight between me and the Astolfo cosplayer.

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So why do people not want independence anymore?

They do, they just don't think SNP rule is a price worth paying for it.

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People now no longer want independence not because of any economical/cultural/etc reasons. They don't want it because they have seen what the SNP is currently like, so imagine what they would be like if they were completely in charge and could not be held accountable?

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Pretty much zero investment or support for small or large businesses, which is why none are opening in Scotland and moving to other parts of the UK, causing a shortage of jobs.

And not to mention the current banana republic shenanigans with the Salmond enquiry...

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People have an idea of what will come after independence, a government that does not give a shit about its people and only seeks to protect its own power, while masquerading as bagpipe blowing nationalists that hum "scotland the brave" while they jail a man for a tweet.

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With things like the named person scheme where the government can have authority over your own children, the hate crime law that violates human rights, that 85% of scots do not want, yet is being forced upon them anyway. Higher taxes than the rest of the UK...

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GoFundMe have completed all verification checks of the law firm who will be acting as beneficiary of the money and the funds have now been transferred into their escrow account.

Not a penny of the money has touched my own personal accounts.

Email addresses have been redacted.

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