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Raise a glass, this one’s for you. 🍸

You got through 2020, so you deserve the smooth, refined flavor of CÎROC Blue Dot. Here’s to taking on 2021 with only the best.

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Make it a season to celebrate with the classic CÎROC #BlueDot Vodka. Our Blue Dot martini is bound to impress even the smallest gatherings.

1.25 oz CÎROC Vodka
0.5 Dry Vermouth
Garnish: Lemon Twist

Glassware: Coupa

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Whether it’s for something special or just quality time with friends, our limited edition CÎROC White Grape gives you all you need to celebrate life, one luxurious sip at a time. What will you toast to? 🎉

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It’s White Grape season again. Celebrating presence over presents this year. Thank you to our good friends @soulection for celebrating with us. Please drink responsibly and stay safe.

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The Bay is the real winner tonight #verzuz

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This isn't even a competition, just a celebration of two icons #verzuz

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Hyphy music
Snap music 🤝 Music that slaps #verz

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Your favorite rapper's favorite rappers #verzuzbattle

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Who’s sipping on @ciroc White Grape Vodka/ #verzuzbattle

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You feel that? That’s the Bay Area going dumb #verzuz

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Right now, somebody is doing the pool palace in their living room #verzuz

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Love that they’re vibing to each other’s music #VERZUZ

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Here for the hip-hop wisdom #VERZUZ

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It’s a Bay love story 😍 #VERZUZ

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Only true icons can stay relevant since the ’80s #verzuz

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Here’s a quick cocktail for tonight’s #verzuz
🔵 2 oz.@ciroc White Grape Vodka
🔵 2 oz. Lemonade
🔵 4 oz. Club soda
🔵 Rosemary Sprig or Lemon wedge

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Replying to @joekay: Blessed to be able to get together with my close ones — Just us, the music and 10 year conversations @Ciroc #ad https://t.co/xv…

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Blessed to be able to get together with my close ones — Just us, the music and 10 year conversations @Ciroc #ad

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This holiday season, Bronx-based creative and culinary collective @GhettoGastro is celebrating and elevating their intimate holiday gatherings with limited-time offering CÎROC White Grape. Get yours today before it’s gone!

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The weekend is here! Sip on a taste of summer with a CÎROC cocktail made with the Limited Edition Summer Watermelon. #CIROCTHESUMMER

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