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@Geekyme242 @ChrisCuomo @CuomoPrimeTime He was playing devil's advocate. That's what some people are saying. He was giving her the chance to answer.

We test people in power.

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Replying to @Honey223344: @Geekyme242 @ChrisCuomo @CuomoPrimeTime He was playing devil's advocate. That's what some people are saying. He was giving…

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@ChrisCuomo @AOC @CuomoPrimeTime Who else wants to see her beat the shit out of @laurenboebert ?

open the fists and open the minds and let the best ideas win. Don't give opponents the chance to claim that are being victimized when they are really being exposed for peddling bs. @AOC is fierce in defense of her beliefs that's for sure.

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Dr. Fauci says “we can and should get 70-85% of the people vaccinated by the end of the summer if we do it correctly."

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@ChrisCuomo Ay man, Amen!

Appreciated but now come the "dont mock his faith" crew. How am I mocking faith by suggesting that one show the values they espouse as an elected official?

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For where we are right now...and the mandate not of merely right and left but what is right, and what is wrong...this is a worthy listen...and yes it is my pop. Share and let me know what you think:

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Quoted @davidenrich

The Trump administration's former solicitor general, Noel Francisco, just got promoted to run the DC office of
@JonesDay – the law firm that made millions representing the Trump campaign.

"Drain the Swamp". #Remember

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Quoted @marcorubio

Those who guard mouth and tongue guard themselves from trouble.

Proverbs 21:23

And those who ignore what is wrong have no ability to empower what is right. Can I get an amen?

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@ChrisCuomo Are you drinking right now? 🤣

Never. The job is no joke.

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Quoted @shannonrwatts

That Ted Cruz would wear a “Come And Take It” mask to President Biden’s inauguration - especially when Biden and Harris are the target of assassination threats - tells you everything you need to know about this pathetic man.

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Who’s that. #BernieMeme @ChrisCuomo

Made things awkward...eventually potus asked bernie about the knit pattern...turned out they use some of the same that was nice.

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Quoted @IAm1optimist

@ChrisCuomo Exactly! I agree with you on this. They want a pass and they don’t get it. They are trying to sweep it under the rug while playing the same games going after Biden. Accountability accountability accountability, it has to happen. Expel politicians and convict Trump, that’s healing

Consequences are up to pols...accountability falls on many, including the media...not talking abt "gotcha"...but having people own where they were during the trumpery

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Quoted @Flo_Letoaba

These two clearly drink together @donlemon & @ChrisCuomo 😜

Neither of us has had a drink in many months. For me, that is about to change.

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@larastittmorrow @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews @ChrisCuomo Concert Celebrating America is on every network except Fox. Shame on you!

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Quoted @larastittmorrow

@TuckerCarlson @FoxNews Shame on you. You created this division & just hours after TOP, you’re right back at it w/ destructive messaging that help nothing or no one. Not sure how you sleep @ night #BidenHarrisInaugurationDay #BidenInauguration @ChrisCuomo #CNN #BidenIsMyPresident

#Remember who took us here. Trump didn't so it alone. And they won't stop when he is gone.

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Quoted @MorganXandria

@ChrisCuomo I lost my dad to covid in May. I was a freak about precautions when it all started. Became super freak about sanitizing etc after he died. Got covid 1/5. The no taste/smell sucks, but the fatigue? It is OFF the rails. Take my dogs out & get the mail I have to rest. Its crazy!😔

Very sorry to hear this. I hope your family can lean on each other. And I hope you continue to improve

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Quoted @cintigal51

@ChrisCuomo It was a great day for our country. We can all agree on that. Godspeed for the long haulers. We pray for all of you.

As POTUS said, all don't agree...and that is ok. How people disagree is what matters...that is how the country got here. Got trump. And he was fittingly absent today - because today was about what he is not.

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Quoted @SJWMomma

@cynthia98025582 @ChrisCuomo Covid-19 beat the crap out of you, Chris. I have so much compassion for you and what you’ve been going through.

I am lucky. Many are dealing with far farrrr more and worse. Everybody is hurting in some way. Long haul, covid, poverty, anxiety, bigotry...but today we were reminded that we can be more than our failures and flaws. It is all about doing the work, to repair as gorman told today.

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Quoted @cynthia98025582

@ChrisCuomo Chris I’m watching you on TV tonight, and I’m wondering whether you’re feeling OK. The past couple of nights that I’ve been watching you your eyes look very red and you just look like you’re not feeling well. Please take care of yourself.

Who is "ok"? No one who cares about anyone else. However, the absence of one today, secured the promise of better for the rest of us. And that's the angst: we know we can do so much better in so many ways...don't we? If yes, that's the home for hope

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