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Advancing clean, reliable, affordable energy solutions that will lead us to a net-zero emissions future.

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From R&D to procurement, businesses large and small can help speed #cleanenergy innovation and reduce #GHGs in their supply chain.

Read more about companies that have effective transformations already underway:

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Low-carbon renewable thermal technology is critical to reducing emissions in our manufacturing and buildings sectors. Learn more from one of our partners, @REthermal, in their latest report on #renewable thermal innovations:

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As we work to avoid a #ClimateDisaster, we need to think about how moving to a green economy will impact working people everywhere.

More from @BillGates on how to prepare for the transition to a zero-carbon economy:

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In February, global energy services company @EnelXGlobal received approval to deploy three new battery storage projects in Europe.

Read more about how this company has turned behind-the-meter energy storage into an emissions-decreasing technology:

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The federal government can lead the way on decarbonizing some of the toughest sectors – like buildings and manufacturing – by using procurement power to create demand for clean technologies and construction materials.

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Thank you to Rep. @FrankPallone, @RepPaulTonko, and the @EnergyCommerce committee for taking important steps towards Buy Clean procurement policies for low-carbon cement, steel, and other materials. Our policy playbook has more on clean manufacturing:

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The building blocks of our society – like cement and gasoline – are cheap and abundant but cause climate change. At Breakthrough Energy, we’re working to develop and scale the technologies we need to reach net zero by 2050.

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Replying to @CERAWeek: .@BillGates explaining his new concept – the “Green Premium”: “The extra cost you pay to buy something that has no emissions…

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As the Biden administration looks to decarbonize the electrical grid by 2035, Breakthrough Energy Sciences’ open-source grid model can be used to simulate the innovations and policies it will take to get there.

More from @AkshatRathi in @climate:

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.@BillGates @GatesFoundation shares his thoughts on the magnitude of the climate challenge and the difficulty to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 with to @DanielYergin @IHSMarkit at #CERAWeek

Yesterday, @BillGates and @DanielYergin kicked off #CERAWeek with a call for innovation across sectors to reach net zero by 2050:

“In the history of the industrial economy, things have never changed as fast as we’re asking them to change.”

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Excited by the prospects of making a huge dent in climate...hoping that 2021 is a transformative year!

“Large companies [are] coming into this space with earnestness—not about just trying to look good, but actually serious about doing good business in this space.” -BEV’s own @carmichaelvc
More from leaders in #CleanTech investment:

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.@BillGates explaining his new concept – the “Green Premium”: “The extra cost you pay to buy something that has no emissions above the normal cost – that’s the green premium.”


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.@BillGates explains strategies for how everyone – citizens, consumers, employees, and employers – can act on climate change:

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.@CliftonLeaf also takes us inside @Breakthrough, the venture @BillGates built to beat climate change:

At Breakthrough Energy, we’re working to turn ideas into action. BE's @jonahgoldman shares more with @FortuneMagazine about our work to get to net zero.

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Coinciding with #EUIndustryDays, BEV Europe is proud to make its first investment.

@BloomBiorenewa1 will use their €3.9M in seed funding to back R&D that will bring biofuels as well as sustainable plastics and textiles to market.

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.@BillGates is hopeful that we can avoid a climate disaster because “whether you’re a believer in [the power of] the private sector, or government intervention, or activism, or some combination, there’s a practical idea you can get behind.”

Read more:

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Join our (virtual) Chicago and Detroit book tour stops with @BillGates, @daxshepard, and Monica Padman to hear more about how investing in innovation is crucial to avoid a climate disaster:

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Replacing meat with a plant-based substitute is a simple act that reduces emissions and signals to the market that low-emissions alternatives are a good investment. @NaturesFynd, a Chicago-based and BEV-funded company, brings sustainable proteins to the Windy City and beyond.

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Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the busiest in the world, with over 900K flights landing per year. Join @BillGates and @kwelkernbc at our (virtual) Atlanta book tour event for more about innovation in this sector and beyond:

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Aviation is one of the highest-emitting industries and it is one of the hardest to decarbonize. Read more about how @KLM and @AlaskaAir are transforming air transportation:

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