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A free live-stream celebrating Black business & entrepreneurship curated by @thesharkdaymond & presented by @chaseforbiz
October 24th, 2020 at 7pm EST

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Success isn't defined by failure. Its how many times you get up and keep going

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Chase your dreams and you will be unstoppable

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Thank you to @Webex for not only provided the technology to power all of our special guest interviews, they also provided $25,000 as part of the NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant to to help scale and grow his business! #LifeonWebex

Replying to @Cisco: Go !👍


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Replying to @CoolinN260: I’m learning ✊🏾

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Passion and the power of broke are enough to make your dreams happen if you believe in yourself

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Learning everything about business is the first step in being able to understand investing in other people and their ideas.

I’m learning ✊🏾

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We spoke to @DwyaneWade and he shared with us how when he went from college to the NBA it was critical for him to learn financial intelligence in a hurry after signing his multi-million dollar deal.

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2 legends coming together for 1 great cause @TheSharkDaymond @FINALLEVEL

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Thank you @Robinhoodapp for being a part of the NAACP Powershift Entrepreneurs Grant and congrats to @spendebt for winning! We can’t wait to see how this grant enables you to grow your business and help others on their quest increase their financial intelligence.

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Our man @questlove kept the vibes right dropping some classics that had us dancing and singing along

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. @thesharkdaymond recalled how @LLCOOLJ helped him get his start and that entrepreneurs need to come together to help each other build and grow

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The performance from @chancetherapper was nothing short of incredible, have you had a chance to watch it again?

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Financial intelligence is something every entrepreneur needs to understand. @DwyaneWade shared with us some of the ups and downs of learning financial intelligence the hard way after being drafted into the NBA

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Preparation is everything. Have a plan that people can see and thats easy to follow
- @llcoolj

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BET founder @RLJOfficial knows a thing or 2 about following your vision and shared with us the most critical component to success is believing in yourself!

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the legend @FINALLEVEL gave us some wonderful insight on what he is looking for when entrepreneurs pitch him. What steps are you taking to perfect your pitch?

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When we spoke w/ @itsgabrielleu she told us about how she uses her platform to help others and that there is always room for more people at the table. Together we all succeed.

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Unstoppable. @Shopify and Black Entrepreneurs Day want to empower small business owners and help them grow!

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Replying to @YappaHQ: It was an absolute honor to be a part of @BlackEntrepDay. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and participated in the Yappa Q+A…

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It was an absolute honor to be a part of @BlackEntrepDay. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and participated in the Yappa Q+A with @TheSharkDaymond! 🗯️🙌 We can't wait to watch a new generation of Black Entrepreneurs rise up!

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