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We have a new team member! Take a minute out of your day to learn about Jit Seneviratne, and how he came to the world of #datascience and landed with @TheGeneralAuto

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Great opportunity to make a direct impact! If you're passionate about #datascience or #MLengineering we encourage you to apply! #internships @TheGeneralAuto

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Coming Soon: 2021 Internship offering @TheGeneralAuto

Stay tuned for more information!

#DataScience #Internship2021

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***new blog post alert!***

Learn more about what @umangcha has been focused on during the second half of his summer internship and how his work is making our customers' lives easier.

@TheGeneralAuto #DataScience #internships

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.@TheGeneralAuto's Data Science & Engineering team is #hiring! If you are curious, passionate, and love learning new things we want you to apply! (Not to mention you'd have the opportunity to share your work on an awesome blog!)

#DataScience #Growth

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So proud to see the culmination of @EvanFannin1's work this summer interning as a machine learning engineer. Vital CV research as we work to productionalize our first image classifier.

#datascience #computervision @PyTorch

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Like any other skill, leadership is a muscle that needs to be trained and worked continuously. Read our latest post from @thestatsnerd to learn how we have been adapting during this "new normal" we are all experiencing.

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Keep it short and simple: learn how to write Pythonic POJOs using Pydantic.

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Absolutely fantastic article by @chipro highlighting many of the challenges we face putting ML systems into production; and the multitude of tools out there to help solve them.

#MLOps #MLengineering

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Evan Fannin from @BelmontUniv is joining the team this summer as a Machine Learning Engineer Intern at @TheGeneralAuto and will be focused on learning how we productionalize models. Welcome Evan!

Get to know Evan with our latest blog post:

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Meet our newest Data Scientist Intern @TheGeneralAuto! @umangcha joins us this summer from @VUDataScience @VanderbiltU and will be focused on helping deliver a more personalized experience to our customers. Welcome Umang!

Learn more about him here:

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Great presentation by Linda Brobeck and Marco De Virgilis at the @CASact spring meeting comparing traditional and ML approaches to estimating individual claims liabilities.

Really accessible white paper as well!

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Replying to @VUDataScience: Our DS Teams class, taught by @cassyld, partnered with industry client @TheGeneralAuto for a final project to create a p…

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Our DS Teams class, taught by @cassyld, partnered with industry client @TheGeneralAuto for a final project to create a predictive modeling approach for their needs. Our first place prize goes to Ali, Yasi, Lakshay, and Drew! Runners up: Joey, Umang, Wenying, and Baiyu. Congrats!

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How many times have we been asked, "Can you refresh this?" If documentation is poor or (worse) the work was completed by a now-departed employee, this could be a massive LOE.

Learn how we use Pipenv and DVC to ensure our work is reproducible!

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Exciting news coming out of @MTSU today announcing the Tennessee Data Initiative, including the creation of a BS in Data Science, focusing on Ed., Research & Projects, and Student Experiences.

Looking forward to cultivating our partnership with @MTSU_DSI and @capigian!

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We’re at the @VanderbiltU Career Fair with @CallieAmfam from @amfam and @thestatsnerd from @TheGeneralAuto. Come say hi!

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Innovation isn't just about technology; it's about people.

Learn how the Data Science team is driving innovation at @TheGeneralAuto!

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Great time speaking at @VUDataScience last week and getting to know their students. Thanks for having us!

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We are excited to offer two internships with the Data Science team next Summer. If you’re someone who has a passion for data science or machine learning engineering and an eagerness to learn, we want you to apply!

#ridewithTheGeneral @TheGeneralAuto

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Nathan joined our team in late summer and has already contributed on major projects. Learn more about him and what he's working on in our most recent post. Welcome to @TheGeneralAuto family Nathan!

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