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When they go low, match their energy. No one said you need to be the bigger person.

Pittsburgh, PA

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That product that Kenya needs to use to shut up about grown folks business #RHOA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #strippergate

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Tucker Carlson was obviously never hugged as a child and probably denied a second cookie after dinner. #sad #TuckerCarlsonTonight

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Porsha's dinner prayer: God is great, food smells good, shut yo mouth about stripper night mood #rhoa #wwhl #bravotv @Porsha4real

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Put some RESPECT on @Porsha4real name cause she... #RHOA #Bolo #strippergate

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If I plead the fifth was a person it would for sure be @kandi and I respect her for it. #rhoa

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Chocolate snake, shark, and round peaches this really is #RHOA

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Did Kenya really say who's pussy got murdered in these sheets? #rhoa

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So who fucked the stripper? #strippergate #RHOA #BravoTV

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Someone is eating me tonight @Porsha4real #rhoa #bravotv

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This interrogation room confessional on #RHOA is sending me tonight #bravotv

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Oh shit split it and lick it, lickity split @DREWSIDORA won for the night #RHOA

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Kenya giving me Devil in a Red Dress vibes. Well she got the devil 😈 part right #RHOA #BravoTV

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Not Basic Instinct Moore #RHOA

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I feel like Ron Kim has an axe to grind with NY Governor Cuomo. He alluded to Cuomo being responsible for an increase of Anti-Asian hate crimes, but I cannot see a correlation. @TheView #NY

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Gas almost $3 a gallon in #Pennsylvania wtf. This gas tax needs to be lowered #PA

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Finally #TheOvalOnBET is back on. It's been too long

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Kenya has a husband separated or not, that's your damn village. Redirect that energy towards him #RHOA

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