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I Tweet a lot about Reality Shows. Currently: The Bachelor Below Deck Sailing Yacht The Challenge Hells Kitchen The Circle UK

Tomball, TX

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Ok so OTT is still there - you have to click on real World Homecoming and it should come up on related shows about halfway down the page - i definitely recommend it if you havent seen it

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With @CBSBigBrother moving to @paramountplus, Big Brother: Over The Top (@BBOverTheTop) is now GONE from the streaming platform.


well that Sucks. OTT was one of the best Seasons.

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Yes that great intro music is back. #BelowDeckSailing

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Matt you don’t look as good with that beard tbh #TheBachelor

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Another Friendly reminder, one week of Celebrity Circle UK kicks off Tuesday. The biggest challenge will be finding ways to watch it - the ONLY reality show I spoils is #BB so no need to worry about that from me - here is the cast of Celebrity #TheCircleUK

Wait it kicks off TOMORROW? I didn’t know that lol

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Nice Cliffhanger. Ugh. #TheChallenge

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We are about to lose someone I like. That sucks. #TheChallenge

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This is a Boring Challenge. #TheChallenge36

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#ParamountPlus will be the home of the @CBSBigBrother 24/7 Live Feeds, a @loveislandusa extension that takes subscribers beyond the boundaries of the broadcast, and new originals from reality's biggest franchises including #RoadRules, @inkmaster, and @datingnaked.

Confirmed feeds for #bb23

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I can’t wait to see The Celebrity ⭕️. Yup, a celebrity version UK. Starting soon!

I just hope I can find a way to watch it.

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Another really boring family visit episode. #TheBachelorABC

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This segment with Michelle’s students is so freaking cute. #TheBachelor

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Wait, they are in Pennsylvania this entire time? #TheBachelor

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Is Brandi quitting #RHOD a few episodes into the season (yet continuing to appear on future episodes) the earliest a HW has left? Not counting those whose story lines have them depart, like #RHONY Tinsley.

Brandi Left? LOL Good Riddance lol. though sadly she was one of the more tolerable of that stupid cast. keeping in mind i have seen 0 of this season.

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To fire Elizabeth with 2 charters to go is really stupid. Weeks ago makes sense, but this late in the game seems a little petty. #BelowDeck

100% Francesca’s fault.

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wow, all of that just for it to basically to be filler. #TheBachelor

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Quoted @bigbrothernet

Casting officially kicks off TODAY for #BB23! Best of luck to all the Big Brother Hopefuls. Now go get your application submitted!

Details on how to apply for Big Brother 23:

And now that we have a competent casting director you may actually have a chance!

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