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Born Planet Earth Village England
#Resisters #TrumpDoesGiveshizVetsAntiSnowflakes,Mega,Blue2And2,MarineFamily,OfficersShot,Anti-GunVol.Pro-LGBT,BLAAnti-ANON,

England, United Kingdom

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Replying to @Vic_Resist_: This is what you expect at CPAC.

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Replying to @ReesusP: I am going to say this one time. I own companies, I #Resist. You threaten me or my family through my companies and I turn it o…

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Quoted @mac_3d

Who knew it was that easy? 😁


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Quoted @GrandpaSnarky

Sen. Bob Casey Calls The Republican Party A ‘Joke’ For Opposing COVID Relief.
#GOPCowards #GQP #CovidReliefBill
via @politicususa

Yep, he got that right.

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This is what you expect at CPAC.

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I cannot believe with all the evidence against this Political Trickery is allowed to Walk, play Trump.2024.
No, he be in Prison, Roger Stoned.

'Disgusting': Trump ally attacks journalist's question

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Seriously thier is Always KARMA!

Republican Sen. Sasse slams Nebraska GOP for "weird worship" of Trump after state party rebuke

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The Washington Post
Guest Cartoonist: Michael De Adder

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Quoted @MarkMaxwellTV

Before she rose and spoke, Rep. Bob Morgan called on Republicans to stand up and condemn the inflammatory comments from Rep. Chris Miller on January 6th:

Here are lovely words( sorry about the ruckus sound track) speaking prior to Assult Jan 6 this Rep. Mary Miller Spouse, Chris Miller.

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Quoted @washingtonpost

"Three percenters" truck at Capitol belongs to husband of congresswoman who said, "Hitler got one thing right"

3%Of Trucks @ Capital Hill Assult belong to Rep.Mary Miller and spouse Chris. Chris was down with crowd.

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Quoted @MarkMaxwellTV

Folks, there’s a bus

OmG is that ugly!

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Nature is marvelous as baby elephant takes comfort with a comsentful Ostrich💞💞💞💕💕💕

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Recreate his jaw,and right face. Second large problem was left arm was severely fractured in bomb,he under went 24 surgery to fix his body, and spent 8 months Unit 66 rehab made famous by " FOREST GUMP."
Lets be clear here Rep Madison Cawrhorn was car crash in First yr College.

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My cousin was severely wounded,Marines rushed to the Fox hole Extrect him," screams were so loud" the medic covered mouth to not let enemy know where they were
By the time he got Germany his right jaw,right face were jagged they had to have neurologist work on brain,and work 2

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My cousin,was drafted in Vietnam War, became USMarine,6weeks after grad they were in Vietnam.After 6 months of constant bombradments,rockets,full assult.
He foxhole on night,sharing coffee,when an ordinance drop in fox hole exploded.Killing 5/6 men.
For US 21 Madison,"Navy" 1

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I am going to say this one time. I own companies, I #Resist. You threaten me or my family through my companies and I turn it over to the Feds. 16 angry emails just last night calling me horrible names and threats from trump supporters because a Muslim refugee was our first guest.

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Maureen: Darling"Left" demonize people like Sarah Palin " who see Russia from Backyard" and Sen. Kennedy who tries the "folk ya" theme,I a racist he ask: Merrick Garland. Maybe he should ask God,as he did for Kavanagh?

High on Their Own Supply

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Quoted @CBSNews

She came to the U.S. with only $300 and worked housekeeping jobs to pay for school. Now she's a flight director for NASA's Mars Perseverance.

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Quoted @Jim_Jordan

Today’s Left wants to cancel Newsmax, Fox News, and OANN.

They want to cancel President Trump and his allies.

And now with H.R. 1, they want to cancel fair elections.

Yeh, right Gym

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Vice Report 02/23/21

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@realDonaldTrump You nothing but Bully sitting in Fat Bad,attacking Senator,after Personality as if you are with out shame.A man who lied to American People Day 1,how bad Corvid19 could be,because of fear, no you did not know how to deal with it,so you let people die.
You went Golfing, held Rally

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