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@MrHumanityGives @CashApp I would love 😍 to receive ! I think I have cash app.
@osbornekelly55 ($joanmeryl) I do have PayPal.
Well, g'night MrHumanityGives. Till tomorrow😎

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@CashApp Here’s a picture of my cat with a beanie please send me money so I can give her lots of snacks

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@CashApp Post your cashapp I’m sending someone money

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If you are not tuned in....you should. Believe it or not this is America. #SoulofaNation

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@SoulofaNation I’m learning that I have to unlearn a half century of my white upbringing and education system. #SoulofaNation thank you for letting me join the conversation tonight as I continue on this journey.

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This film part in #SoulofaNation is the definition of perfection.

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The moment @sunny realized she was Black...


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Callum, Texas, booker #SoulofaNation mustard paul George New Amsterdam, ketchup. GET HA OUTTA HERE

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Yes, White Folks who get “What do I get?” bothered with Reparations getting mainstream coverage: America has shorted TheDream for many of us. We are among worst of all dev’d nations at intergenerational upward mobility. But we shorted Black people far, far worse. #SoulofaNation

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