Sharing a fantastic playlist for kids created by YouTube employees to celebrate Black Joy. Looking forward to sharing these fun and educational videos from creators like @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney. ♥️

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@SusanWojcicki @YouTube @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney Theres an upload of the movie "Megan is Missing" which is apparently labeled as content for kids.

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@SusanWojcicki @YouTube @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney Hey Susan Bring back Coco now Pewdiepie basically worked very hard on this DISSTRACK yeah that's right Disstrack because your TOS says that it's ok because it's ment for jokes like #pewdiepie Coco video it's a joke he's not bullying anyone. Please do your job right #FreeCoco

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@SusanWojcicki @YouTube @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney Stop forcing your agenda. If parents want to show their kids that type of content than they can find it themselves

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@SusanWojcicki @YouTube @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney yo momma

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@SusanWojcicki @YouTube @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney Cringe as all hell lol

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 6 days ago

@MatthewLush @SusanWojcicki @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney 👌👍

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 1 week ago

@SusanWojcicki @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney Before checking it up, check my subscribing iD first. If you’re beyond of your ability, recommend someone can do that.

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 1 week ago

@SusanWojcicki @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney I went through the proper methods of reporting an offensive video in which a young Latina woman was duped into thinking a legit interview was happening ...she was belittled & then masturbated to on his video...YT merely put an age restriction on his video-Again women don't matter

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 1 week ago

@SusanWojcicki @MikailasBees @kidsblkhistory @BrienaBritney We got Trump out of office, now it’s time for YouTube’s CEO @SusanWojcicki to step down! She supports hate and bullying!!!

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@PedroPascal1 YOU'RE SO IMPORTANT, I'M SO GLAD YOU SAW IT 🥺 #welovepedropascal

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Every tweet I made was so worth it for this specific moment .
His happiness ❤️❤️❤️ #WeLovePedroPascal we really do .
I really do ❤️❤️❤️ 🥺

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seeing literally all of my mutuals showing love towards pedro today has been so beautiful. #WeLovePedroPascal KEEP IT TRENDING

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I'm so happy that he saw it 🥺🥺 #WeLovePedroPascal

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I feel so loved by everyone and don’t feel judged. I feel loved by Pedro, I’m just feeling so much love today. 💜 #WeLovePedroPascal

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Omg I just saw #WeLovePedroPascal was trending and I just want @PedroPascal1 to know that his movies and tv shows have gotten me through the most stressful time in my life and he deserves everything good in this world!

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I love Pedro because he’s such a talented, wholesome, loving and caring human being 🥺 #WeLovePedroPascal

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Entro no tt e me deparo com isso nos trends, esse homem me faz tão feliz que ele não faz ideia, meu precioso😭🤲

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