I’m grateful for new commitments from the EU, Germany, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. to help make safe and effective COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines available to people around the world. Thanks to the #G7 and @ACTAccelerator for their leadership.

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 6 days ago

@melindagates @ACTAccelerator Hello, God bless your family and loved ones, I ask you for our humanitarian and financial assistance of 250 thousand euros to buy a house in which I and my family live and buy a public taxi to work in and earn a living ❤🌹😍🙏

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@melindagates @ACTAccelerator UK also, made firm commitments 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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@Valentina11032 @melindagates @ACTAccelerator EU is like: Germany..and the others

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 6 days ago

@melindagates @ACTAccelerator Thank you and Bill for all that you do.

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 6 days ago

@melindagates @ACTAccelerator I think you forgot to mention India name Ma'am 🙏

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@melindagates @ACTAccelerator Germany is already EU🤔

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@melindagates @ACTAccelerator Merci bien à vous et a votre époux. Une êtes une maman exemplaire 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Hannah is not having a good season. She’s wrong with this fight about the garbage. Bravo has Receipts. Hannah doesn’t clean 😅 #SummerHouse

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#summerhouse luke is bravos/ 2020-2021 justin bobby... i cannooot

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@beingbernz omg u dodged a bullet luke is bravo’s / 2020-2021’s JUSTIN BOBBY AKA A DOUCHE. U SO DODGED A BULLET GIRL #summerhouse #justinbobbywannabe

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I don’t like how Hannah slights @ciaramiller___ in conversations with Luke (“some girl”) but slobbers over her to her face. Suspect... #SummerHouse

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#SummerHouse This Luke and Hannah thing.

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To be specific, they need to talk to Hannah about making everything about Luke, including her friendship with Cierra. #summerhouse

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Breaking News: $GRCU #SummerHouse @NektarHeep @Leomath2020 @OCDstocks @MarketWN @lvald13 @bholc646 $QPRC $CDXC $PAND #MWN

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Damn Punky Brewster is NOT good at games 🤣🤣 #SummerHouse #WWHL

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