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 1 week ago

The Weekly Planet: Lately, Bill Gates has been thinking about what he calls the “hard stuff” of climate change. These hard problems are at the center of Gates’s helpful new book, "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster," @yayitsrob writes:

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 1 week ago

@Dr__Dickweed @TheAtlantic @yayitsrob Overpopulation is a stupid myth and not a problem IF all countries had resources to use sustainable energy + actually protect the Earth instead of destroy it.

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 1 week ago

@TheAtlantic @yayitsrob Yes, let’s listen to someone unqualified to give us information. -_-

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@TheAtlantic @yayitsrob I think not listening to rich people without a climate science background would be a good start?

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@TheAtlantic @yayitsrob I think we’re about done with what Bill Gates has been thinking about.

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@TheAtlantic @yayitsrob How about the "hard stuff" of overpopulation.

Oh, I forgot, we're not allowed to talk about that.

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 1 week ago

@TheAtlantic @yayitsrob . thing get risky when Bill Gates tries thinking .

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 1 week ago

@TheAtlantic @yayitsrob Him and James Comey should take a sabbatical.

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@TheAtlantic @yayitsrob I presume the first chapter is “Listen to the Scientists”.

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News; $GIL #Isles @Timoteo2392 $QPRC $PAND $CDXC #MWN

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@PuckheadDad I pause it while I put the boys to bed. Sucks because I can’t live tweet, but… doesn’t take too much of the enjoyment out of it. Especially one of the best periods we’ve played in years. #isles

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Not our night. MTL blow multiple 2-goal leads, & we get beat by Curtis McElhinney. Think we were on the right sides of these but didn’t get bounces.

#CBJ  ML ❌❌

#GoBolts  / #LetsGoCanes  Over 6 ❌❌

#Isles / #NHLBruins Over 5.5 💰💰

#GoHabsGo  ML ❌❌

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Further good news for fans wanting #Isles, #NYR, and #NJDevils tickets. The demand from season ticket members (~10,000 for each team) is surprisingly really low, to less than 10% of the base for each game.

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#Isles win, #GoJetsGo win,

It's been a good night.

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I like how most of the bigger numbers are New York’s #isles #highfive

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ALSO the #Isles were so good tonight

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