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@minesweetener @ArianaGrande YEEEEEEEEE SNIPPETSSSSS

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@MiniFTN__ @ArianaGrande And your mum didn’t ask for you but hey

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@ArianaGrande love u

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@ArianaGrande Love u n we miss u bby

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@ArianaGrande Ig links i have flashbacks

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@ArianaGrande didnt ask

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@ArianaGrande love u tons 🤍

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#Biden Says U.S. Will Have #vaccine Supply For All Adults By May, Prioritizes #Teachers

#OpenSchoolsNow safely. 💥💥💥

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Now put pressure on Gov Abbott. We won’t get ahead of this with irresponsible decisions. #WearAMask

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@GovAbbott is a shitty gov and a disgrace to #Texas. Countless more Texans will die & he doesn’t care; he wants to win re-election. Wear your masks, my friends, at least through the summer after which we should be rapidly approaching PARTY TIME. 😎 #AbbottFailedTexas #WearAMask

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@LinaHidalgoTX Absolutely! Whatever Greg Abbott declares to pander to the electorate does not negate the #scientificfacts #WearAMask #SocialDistancing

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Looks like #Biden's ridiculous #WearAMask  campaign has just fallen off a cliff in #Texas.

Gov #Abbott announces an end to the state's silly #mask mandate, and ordered ALL businesses OPEN, no exceptions.

#CNN pandemic mavens @JakeTapper & @AndersonCooper are in meltdown now.

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@TomiLahren You should invest in a reusable one, it's better for the environment. #WearAMask

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@kurteichenwald @GregAbbott_TX #Texas #WearAMask
As a new vaccine becomes available, CDC chief warns against rolling back safeguards

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I start going out in the world again and Texas stops the mandatory mask lift 🙄🙃😩😷 #ihateithere #WearAMask

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